Keto Iced Coffee with Collagen - SO GOOD

I recently added a new recipe titled Keto Iced Coffee with Collagen. This can be substituted in various ways but the result is a smooth, creamy, flavorful iced coffee. The Macros are good, this one is a great source of fat however is high in protein as well (if you’re looking for a good protein source.) Under 200 calories and only 1 net carb. Check out my recipe in the search but it basically goes like this 

0.5 tablespoon sugar free vanilla syrup 

1/2 to 1 serving cold brew iced coffee (‘Lucky Jack’ brand or any zero or low carb brand)

1 scoop Keto collagen powder (I used chocolate)

1 tbsp heavy whipping cream 

8oz Unsweetened almond milk

Blend together until smooth and pour over ice. You could also blend with ice and make a frappe. This was the perfect drink to get a mid afternoon coffee fix on a hot summer day. 

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