So here i thought i would have a really nice and healthy lo carb lunch.   I made a couple of sandwiches (NO BREAD) with lettuce leaves instead and after eating them i put them into carb manager only to find the leaves were 3 carbs...........  glad i only did the 2 sandwiches and not 3 like i would have liked.   

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  • Are you counting total carbs or net carbs? It sounds like you’re counting total carbs, which is not what most people following keto do. Net carbs allow many more vegetables because you subtract the fiber. That’s why this app is so helpful, it can be set up to automatically subtract the fiber for you and it makes tracking much easier. Total carbs are usually only counted for extreme medical keto diets for treating severe epilepsy that doesn’t respond well to other treatments. So count net carbs and you can have lots of veggies. For example, I keep my net carbs under 20 grams. Yesterday I had an omelette with a large handful of sautéed spinach and some mushrooms. For lunch I had a large salad with mixed greens, a few grape tomatoes, some cucumber and a little bell pepper. For dinner I had tuna taco lettuce wraps and some asparagus. I had net carbs left over. I weigh and measure all of my food, so I’m not guessing. I hope this helps. 

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  • Amy, green lettuce is one of really keto-friendly: 1 big leaf 0.4g carbs, small leaf 0.1. In salad - 50g  green lettuce 1.3 g carbs - its much salad. So no worries, your 3 leaves if big - only 1.2 g carbs!

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  • AJQ thank you 😁

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