Coffee + MCT Oil + "Liquid Sucralos" Sweetener Questions.

Hi all!  I hope anyone reading is doing AMAZING!

I have a couple of questions and would be grateful if anyone could help from their own experience(s). 

1.  I read a few articles about MCT Oil and bought a small 12 .oz bottle.  What is the best way to take it?  I imagine I should I taper up?  I also don't drink smoothies, and I  HAVE been wanting coffee (which I understand you can mix MCT Oil into), so to my next question.

2.   I have hardly ever been a coffee drinker, but really am in the mood for coffee.  The thing is, I would like to have a teaspoon of powdered creamer (thoughts on creamer?) and a drop of Liquid Sucralose Sweetener in each cup ... which brings me to my last question.

  3.  Does anyone have REAL experience or knowledge of/with Liquid Sucralose?  About a year ago or more, I bought a couple of small bottles of it and just never used them much because to me, in iced tea, they did not taste quite the same as sugar or my go-to Sweet N" Low.   Anyway, this is what I wanted to use in my coffee, but I went back to see if I could find any reviews about these drops and came across their ingredients:

Purified Water, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bensoate

Well, when I Googled each ingredient, I found that most of them have TONS of calories and carbs.  So, unless they are using just a tiny amount of each, I don't see how the end product is actually 'carb-free'.  


If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  • As for MCT, it’s an unnecessary expense.  It’s great for energy or mental clarity.  But, If you take it your body will prioritize it to be used as it cannot be stored.  If you’re burning MCT you’re not burning body fat.  You need fat for energy but a little less dietary fat, the more you’ll need to go to your fat stores. 

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  • 0b925123-5b60-ff15-613a-cf0f60aefe5c   That does make a lot of sense.   I had about a half a teaspoon today with a small, lean cut of steak because I had not eaten fat since last night and I can already feel just a bit of tummy distress.  Luckily, it isn't too bad, but I have a bit of an aftertaste too.  I should have asked here before purchasing.  Thanks.

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  • I enjoyed a tbsp of MCT oil today in a cup of coffee with 2 tbsp whipping cream (liquid form) and a packet of krisda sweetener.  Yum.  A bit oily but it was a good moisturizer on thee 'ole lips :-)  Great way to get extra fat in for sure!  As for tummy upset... nothing today (yet?), but through the night last night (I had my first tbsp in a long while yesterday) my tummy had a bit of upset.  I'll stick with the 1 tbsp a day for awhile before increasing if I increase at all.     Cheers!

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  • justlyn64   Riiight?  I've never been a big coffee drinker, but despite my hesitation regarding creamer carbs, I had a small cup yesterday (without MCT :)) and OMG - it tasted so good.    I do think I am going to table the MCT for a bit though, as what 0b92 said, makes sense.   I used to swim and dance/party a lot which kept me in shape when younger, and have never officially exercised; especially now that I am so overweight.  I'm afraid that since I am pretty sedentary, still (I WANT to begin walking regularly, but haven't), my body may just try to burn the fat from the MCT instead of mine.  PLEASE let me know how your experience with it goes.  I am wishing ALL the best for you while on it (so that I can begin taking it again - haha).  😋❣️

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  • I too purchase some MCT oil. I’ve only used it once so far to see how I liked it, but my main purpose for purchasing it was for energy and mental clarity. I don’t think I will take it every day just yet and when I do I will be starting with only a teaspoon a day. I’m hoping that the energy it gives me will help me with being more consistent with my workouts which would help me with the weight loss and my overall health… LOL… It would be a win-win.

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  • Consistency is key?  I've already missed 2 days of having the MCT oil in my coffee(s) LOL  Trying again this morning... threw my hot brew into my vita mix with the whipping cream, oil and a half tsp of pumpkin pie spice.  Forgot to add the krisda but oh well, it tastes pretty good and I found there was enough sweetness from the cream.  Saved myself 1 carb ;-)  I hadn't thought much about the body burning the fat from the oil we consume over our personal fat supply.  Hmmm... I'm going to have to read up on that 'cause the last thing I want to be doing is stalling my weight loss while getting smarter ;-) 

    I'm all for the energy and mental clarity too Kristie...  

    Exercise... walking is also my main source Jaqi,  My  'lil FitBit inspires me to get my steps in, I just need to work on the 'daily' thing.   

    How long has everyone been low carb/keto?  I hit one week of religious keto yesterday... a win for not consuming any non keto friendly foods.

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Kristie Friars    I hope it works for you!  The only thing I really read about it was that it could help with Ketosis.  I should have paid more attention to the energy and clarity benefits too, as I could desperately use both. 

    Please keep me/us abreast of how you like it and any changes you see.

    Sending you good thoughts!  <3  

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  • justlyn64   Congrats on the week of no food baddies!  Ugh, and your coffee sounds delicious.  I say 'ugh', because I am envious  ( 😜 ).  SOMETHING is kicking me out of "End Zone Purple" on my Keto-measuring strips and I suspect it is either my two (heaping) teaspoons of Coffee Mate creamer or the two drops of that liquid sucralose I mentioned.  I stopped the strawberries and avocados I had been sneaking in, so the coffee is all I can think it might be.

    I love the fact that you get out and walk!  If truth be told, I have become kind of a recluse.  Almost 5 years ago I got involved with someone super possessive and if I wasn't home like exactly 35 minutes after I left work, we'd argue.  Soon after,  getting home and staying in just became a habit.  As I got heavier, I didn't even WANT to go out anymore - even to work.  I'd run home and basically, hide.  Now, it is difficult for me to get out and do anything socially or to even do something as simple as walk around the block.  Not only do I feel like I don't have the stamina after work, but I really hate for anyone to SEE me.   Geez; I know that sounds so pathetic, and no one is more embarrassed by it than me (I used to think so highly of myself when younger), but I can't overcome it just yet.  I keep telling myself I am going to do it, and I think about doing it all the time, I just don't.  I think that as I feel better about my weight (I have been on the Keto diet since October 10th or 11th), I know I will.   In the meantime, I'll "walk" vicariously through you.  Don't let me down!  Lol!  ;) 

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  • Jaqi 

     The main thing to remember is that ketosis requires low carbs, that’s all.  Take MCT if you need the boost but otherwise it’s just extra calories.  Plate fat not used for energy still gets stored with the rest of your fat stores stores.  I regularly eat about 60% fat and I lift weights and have been walking 5-6 miles a day.  As long as have high fat, moderate protein and low carb the actual percentages mean nothing for otherwise healthy people. Keto since 2017.

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  • Jaqi I read somewhere that the keto strips aren’t 100% accurate. They are best used just in the beginning of the keto diet because they measure the access ketones that your body is getting rid of. Once you are in ketosis or keto adapted you will expel less ketones therefore the colour on the strip will be less.  Just what I read.....

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  • This right here.   Don’t judge your ketones by the strips.   When you use the restroom that is the waste that your body expels.  If your strips measure ketones, they are ketones that are not being used.   If they stop showing it means your body is using them to burn fat.  Which is a good thing.   For a true measurement use a blood meter or better yet, I just let my body do it’s thing. If you stay under your carbs, moderate protein and higher fat, there should be no need to measure for ketones.  You will lose weight and feel great without the added stress of worrying about why those strips aren’t registering you in ketosis.   

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  • Hi all!  It's me, Jaqi.  Just wanted to say that I've tried to respond, but a previous response I left on another thread says that it is pending moderation SINCE Friday and I can't even remove it.   Not sure what about it could have been flagged, either, and can't find the little settings option which the Help Section tells me to use to contact the moderators. :( 

    Anyway.  Thanks for all the messages, and it does help to know about the strip because I measure EACH time I go.  (Obsessive and unnecessary, I know).  Well, hope to talk again soon!  <3

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  • Coffee, I just add heavy cream.  I personally don't use sweeteners daily, but occasionally I use monk fruit in a chaffle.

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  • Thanks all!  

    pdljmpr  I remember that I tried to order monk fruit a while back ... and can't recall why I did not.  Not sure if it was the price, or if I could not find it anywhere, or if I couldn't find enough reviews to back up that it really worked ... not sure.  I do remember though that upon first reading up on it, it sounded great and I was really interested.  Will check it out again, thanks!   Oh, and as for the heavy cream, someone else had mentioned it too, and I Googled the carbs, so it is now on my shopping list.  I was a little hesitant since I love the taste and light creaminess of the powdered creamer, but I trust it will taste good too.  Thanks again. 


    Kristie Friars


    Thanks regarding the Keto strips.  They were driving me crazy.  I had purchased a bottle of 100 and then found a bottle of 200 for less than the 100 strip bottle, so I used them EVERY time.  Sometimes I didn't even need to go ... and I'd make it happen just to give myself that boost from the purple.  I was so obsessive that a couple of times I used both brands at the same time.  For the past few days I've used them maybe once or twice a day,  and mostly to just finish up the first bottle which I don't think works very well. 

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