Plateau help!

I started a very low keto diet at the end of August and lost 8 pounds over the next two weeks.  Since then I’ve been bouncing up and down a few but basically hovering at 170 pounds. I’d like to lose more for health reasons of type two diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. I have done a two day keto fast Which took me down 3 pounds but then I’ve gone back up to my 170 plateau. Three weeks ago I lowered my net carbs to 16 total grams, about 5-10 net grams (using MFP  which does not have a net carb component) And I’ve hit that plateau again.

I have been exercising five days a week  usually walking or exercise class for 20 to 60 minutes. Maybe I need to add in muscle building exercises? Someone suggested using Keto7 DHEA, but I don’t get the purpose of taking exogenous ketones?! Can anyone explain why I might want to do this in a scientific manner, that just because it works? Or do you think this is definitely not something to do?

Any other suggestions? Four weeks and drumming in my fingers.

I take metformin for my DM. I  use keto strips and have had slight to moderate levels almost every day.

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  • Great work on the triglycerides!  I wish I had been dx with metabolic sx, could have prevented the diabetes!

  • Jen I think I might have broken the plateau, will see in a few days. I cut out sugar alcohols, even though they didn’t effect my blood sugar. Also did a 2 day fast and am doing 20 hour fasts and OMAD. Doing more gentle exercises and planning to keep ramping it up as my back and liver heal. How are you doing?

  • Katt I'm doing great. I broke through my latest plateau with a .8 lb loss. I finished a 30-hr fast yesterday, my first beyond 24-hrs 😀

    I started keto to lose weight and now I've lost 48 lb! I still want to lose about 20 lb. but that is secondary now. I don't want to go back to eating carbs. I'm scared I'll get sick. (I have several risk factors.)

    Right now I'm enjoying a big lunch: Yes, I just had 3 kinds of meat (more importantly, 6 different veggies) AND bread and chips for lunch lol keto style. 8g carb!

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