Newbie to Keto got a question

 I have been on keto for my third week, 8 pounds down, of the 20 I wanted to lose, at my physical my Keytone level was 5.2 with a blood test, and the doctor said I should probably try to get that a little lower without going out of ketosis, just wanted some insights to Accomplish that ????? ( 25 carb a day plan I’m on )

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  • As I understand it, ketones are produced by the breakdown of fat.  What are your macros set at now and are you meeting those?  Maybe too much fat and not enough protein? 

    I would have been asking the doctor a bunch of questions and you should be able to call them for a quick discussion.  Ketone build-up can be a problem.  Did the doc say what it should be on your 3rd week?  I'm at the end of my second month and use the urine strips.  I'm not getting above a 4.0 anymore (usually much lower these days) and expect that to decrease as I get more fat adapted. 

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  • Exercise.  Burn the ketones for fuel, that’s their purpose.  High Intensity Interval Training is the best cardio and lift weights.

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