“The magic pill” on Netflix, great for beginners staring Ketogenic.

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  • I'll have to check it out!!  Always looking for new information 😊

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  • I sleep weird hours so finishing it up this morning before work. Tim Noaks, sports nutrition scientist is one for people to know if they work out or run marathons or just runners. He really has his information together. I have watched his videos and he had nay sayers and he smiles through it because he’s brilliant. 

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  • Okay, done watching. That was pretty amazing. 

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  • Watched that the other night... GREAT movie!

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    It was a great documentary! 

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  • Another good documovie on Netflix is “That Sugar Movie”. All about how “healthy” eating (low fat) has made us the most obese generation of all time. 

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  • mholdgreve54191b yup I watched that one also. 

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  • I watched it and it is very enlightening. That made me realize I need to do something so I decided to try the Keto . 

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  • I just watched it over the weekend. I'm not really a beginner (been doing keto for 7 months) but really enjoyed the documentary. Good for those that tell us we are eating unhealthy.

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  • The magic pill was a great movie!... I’m going to have to watch “That sugar movie”... thanks for the tip!

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  • Just watched it last night! Awesome! Also Dr Eric Berg on YouTube!

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  • A few others I watch on U tube are Keto Connect., Dr. Berg and Healthful Pursuits. All very informative and the more research I do the more motivated I am.

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  • I will check it out tonight! Watched Obesity the post mortem last night... it's intense! 

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  • Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed the shows!! 

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  • Watched "That Sugar Movie” and "The Big Secret" on Amazon Prime,  and the short "The Way We Think About Sugar Is Going To Change".   

    The Magic Pill is next.

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  • goplay the big secret, by Voss? I’m trying to search for this one. 

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  • Finally got a chance to watch The Magic Pill, I agree very informative my husband even watched it with me & I think it opened his eyes lol, I'll have to put the others on my list 😊

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  • Badmojomn  

    I linked to the video hours ago but apparently the post is awaiting review?  

    Anyway... yes, that's the one.

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