No Weightloss Please Read My Food Diary

Posted this subject for Stephanie who hasn’t yet created a post or started a discussion  & needs your/our help.

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  • Breakfast 6g 769  
    1 tablespoon
    -- 102  
    3 large
    1g 215  
      Pc smoked cheddar cheese
    2 x 30 grams or 1 oz
    2g 240  
    4 medium slice
    -- 173  
      Half & Half Cream 10% Mf by Lactantia
    2 tablespoon
    2g 39  
    Lunch 9g 466  
      Smoked turkey 55grams
    1 servings
    2g 80  
      Olive oil
    1 tablespoon
    -- 119  
      Lemon juice
    1 tablespoon
    1g 3  
    3 cup, shredded or chopped
    3g 23  
    Manually inputted
    3g 240  
    Dinner -- --  
    Snack 1 3g 93  
    12 ounce
    -- 3  
      Sealtest Table Cream 18% M.f. by Natrel
    3 tbsp
    3g 90  
    Snack 2 -- --

    I had breakfast around 8:30 lunch around 12:30  I am going to fast my dinner I am going to have my green drink around 4:30 before I work out  I had 8 or 9 classes of water  

  • stephaniel 


    Vegegreen 8.5 g
    Manually inputted
    3g 40
  • Not sure I could eat that much protein in the morning. All depends on how long she's doing low carb or keto also. Remember, took me a few months to see any results. I eat 1-2 egg and 2 slices of bacon with added fat in the morning. Not knowing how much fat she needs to loose, well, I can't tell you what's going on for sure. I had a 20 -30 pound weight goal or 4 pant sizes. It just now at the half way mark 6 months in. 

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  • Also she's working out. This can build muscle and add to the scale. Tell her to put the scale away for awhile and keep the workout really low key. 

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  • Less protein. You only want 15%-20% of calories from protein. For me this is around 50-60 grams per day. I was stalled too and this appears to fix it. Are you using ketostix?  

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  • Try butter coffee to up your good fat. 1 T each ghee, coconut oil and cream or nutpod creamer. Whip it up with an immersion blender. It’s soooo good.

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  • mhgoketo 

  • mhgoketo 

    thank I will try

  • badmojomn 

    I work out twice a week with the trainer and then three days is cardio trying to keep fit I’m definitely going to change out my proteins in the morning and I need to take in less song seems like my blood pressure has gone up and I’ve never had an issue just read found out now

  • stephaniel if you mean less salt (than song) using genuine Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in abundance along with no alcohol & strict Keto mine has dropped so much I now don’t need meds after 20yrs of them! Even when I weighed less than I do currently, I still needed meds for high blood pressure.

  • Posted a random day in my life for comparison for you.

    19g / 20g Total Carbs

    13g Net Carbs

    6g Fiber

    80g / 104g Fat

    50g / 67g Protein

    988 Calories

    My Meals
    Total Carbs Fat Protein Net Calories  
    Breakfast -- 14g 1g 137 more_vert
      Black coffee
    1 mug
    -- -- -- 2 more_vert
      Pure C8 Mct Oil by Keto Performance
    15 ml
    -- 14g -- 130 more_vert
      Black coffee
    2 mug
    -- -- 1g 5 more_vert
    Lunch 2g 32g 24g 388 more_vert
      Organic Free Range Eggs by Organic Egg Farmers
    1 eggs
    -- 4g 4g 49 more_vert
      Back Bacon Sliced by Butcher's
    3 slices
    -- 1g 9g 50 more_vert
      Fresh Food Tesco Organic Chestnut Mushrooms by Tesco
    20 gram
    -- -- -- 3 more_vert
      Cheddar cheese
    42 gram
    1g 14g 10g 169 more_vert
      Organic Butter Salted by Mainland
    16 gram
    -- 13g -- 117 more_vert
    Dinner 17g 34g 25g 462 more_vert
      Beef stew with vegetables and no potatoes
    0.75 cup
    9g 5g 22g 174 more_vert
      Organic Butter Salted by Mainland
    35 gram
    1g 29g -- 256 more_vert
      Savoy cabbage
    120 gram
    7g -- 2g 32 more_vert
    Snack 1 -- -- -- -- more_vert
    Snack 2 -- -- -- -- more_vert
    Snack 3 -- -- -- --
  • I should add: I haven’t added any seasoning or water drunk in my menu as I can’t be bothered and that I take fibre supplements. It was a reasonable calorie day some are higher some are lower I listen to my natural appetite.

  • stephaniel Working out on keto you have to be really careful.  If you work out hard, and your not carbing up you can get rhabomylosis. I can't even explain what this does to the body but it can be dangerous. If your working muscles heavy, you need to talk with someone who trains and is on keto. I think just low carb for you would be appropriate. The muscles need more energy when you work them. Be very careful and do research on keto and working out. There are body builders on YouTube that explain it pretty well. One in particular is bio boss or something. If you can get past his somewhat vulgar language he's something to look at due to his keto lifestyle. It may be even just low carb. I can't remember. But working out hard and keto needs knowledge and research for the individual. I think you will need a lot more calories for this and more carbs. . I just don't want you to hurt yourself. Rhabdo is quite serious. Not to mention kidney failure. 

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  • stephaniel your blood pressure may be up due to not enough salts and minerals. Kidney plays a great factor in this I believe also. Please be careful. I don't work out but my bp went down. If yours went up your missing something. Minerals or something. Get a lab done if you can. Kidney function, potassium, magnesium, sodium at least. 

  • mhgoketo she shouldn't decrease her protein. She's working out hard most of the week. This is not a good idea to decrease protein at all. 

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  • Thankas

  • thanks I will

  • mhgoketo  Drop the coconut oil and opt for C8 only. I did this and the weight is now MELTING OFF again 

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  • mhgoketo 

    i should say drop the coconut oil in your coffee! Should be coffee, butter and C8

  • What is c8mhgoketo 

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  • stephaniel C8 is an MCT oil also call Bulletproof BrainOctane Oil sold on Amazon. Gets you in ketosis fast. Read Bulletproof. Got me unstuck.

  • mhgoketo I have to order the  c8 oil only see in pull form her. Not sure why but but the mtc for now second day in wish me luck. I weigh in tomorrow 

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  •  Well I weighed in I went down in pounds I have the scale that tells me my fat content muscle contents bone and  water so it says I went down in my bone mass it went down in my lean muscle mass and water but I went up in my fat I work out I do core training I do cardio I see that I’ve come down in inches because my clothes are fitting me better kind of concerned this is how it’s supposed to go kill any suggestions 

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  • stephaniel  not enough food at all!

  • mhgoketo what's C8

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