Just starting...HATE vegetables

I don’t have any problem sticking to 20 carbs but the problem I’m having is I hate vegetables.  They say you have to have 15g of the 20g of vegetables.   Is this even going to work if I don’t  eat many veggies!  I can eat cucumbers, peppers, radishes tomato’s and carrots and green beans.  I did test and I am spilling ketones.  I’ve been using the Atkins shake (1 a day as a meal replacement) eggs, bacon, chicken breasts, boneless pork and homemade breakfast sausage from ground pork.  I have about 1-2 ounce of cheese for a snack.  I’ve been on this since Thursday and don’t feel particularly hungry but I have eaten the Atkins snack bars which I know is forbidden in the first two weeks but honestly I was eating 30-50 carbs a piece of everything I ate so a HUGE amount.  No wonder I never lost weight.  Since I want to adapt to no more than 40 carbs a day does all this sound ok or am I setting myself up for failure.  I’d rather cheat a bit and have 2-3 carbs of treats than end up giving up.  Also, what’s the maximum caleries you should have?  I know you don’t count caleries but I don’t want to be eatting 2000 caleries a day.  Advice welcome.

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  • Look up Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube or read Keto Clarity.  I did a lot of reasearch, and still do, to make sure I’m eating properly. 

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