Giving up

I am deeply saddened today. And I can't seem to get out of this pit of despair I am in right now. I need your help, because no one understands more fully than those of us who have struggled, who still are in this fight for perhaps their very lives, and sometimes, just maybe, there is that one little voice in the distance that will come through, as a step up.

I started Keto in September last year, and have never looked back. My path, and aim, has remained honest and true. My body has been healing, both physically and mentally, from the years of harm the excess weight has done to my bones and spirit. I feel energized, enough just recently now, that I can torture myself at a gym with a trainer, and teach new muscle groups to not scream in agony and make noises louder than a well-known cereal with milk being poured on it. I ache, I pop Advil, I push through it, but I never, ever falter off my diet. I am down almost 48 pounds. Yes, I am proud. But, here is the overwhelming sadness now.

I have been stuck now. Since Jan. 7th. (It is now the 23rd). I have not lost anything. I have increased protein, decreased fat, vice versa. Upped and lowered calorie a tad. Been hitting my sleep, my water.  Nothing. Never been out of Ketosis this whole time. My nutritionist and doctor just pat my hand and say, "be proud, you are just in a slump." No!! I still have over 130 serious pounds of fat on this 5' 2" body that needs to come off. Yes, yes. Rome was not built in a day. It took almost 19 years for this weight to glom on. My issue has never been food-it is how my body processes (or refuses to process) it. I am so carb intolerant I can not take in more than 16-18 grams a day.  Knowing this, I respect Keto now. My body loved it in the beginning-it got in the groove! YES! Finally! After years of failed diets, and good, solid ones too (WW, Paleo, etc).

What I do not get is why my body has now just shut down after almost 3 weeks. Nothing. Nada.

 I am nowhere near a safe weight. So, I sit. In this puddle of sadness, tainted maybe with a little bit of misdirected anger.  I know I should not be mad at "me",  but come on, self-pity is hard to slap away sometimes, too. 

Trust me, I am no quitter, I know I can never go backwards (I gave away all my "fat pants"!), but it feels so hard to go forward when you feel mired in mud.  There are those times when a helping hand, a kind word, or a simple kick in the slats can make a world of difference. And right now seems about it.

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  • Don’t have any advice other than. Take a breather. Continue to count and eat right but focus on something else for a bit. Your body is adjusting to this new place. Give it time to acclimate and while it does, find something new to focus on that you didn’t do 3 weeks ago.  

    You have lost a third grader in weight. Celebrate that. Go to the store and pick up a 50 lb bag of dog food. Feel the reality of what you have lost. 

    Sometimes we become obsessed with a tree, we fail to notice the forrest it lives in. 

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  • I agree to try to redirect your focus. Pick someone special to you and just do something nice for that person? Make them smile. Brighten their day. It’s amazing how good you will feel by making someone else feel good. 

    You are doing great!

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  • I hear you. I hope you will not give up. I am learning it is not just about weight loss but the journey to a new you. As my body adjusts so does the money site. Celebrate each mile stone. 

  • It can be very frustrating and I feel your pain. But you’ve come so far to give up now. Your body is fat adaptive now so why quit ? You said you’re feeling the benefit on your body, so embrace that feeling. You definitely wouldn’t want to go backwards. Plus you didn’t say that you gained weight which is good  just stay the course, make little changes one at a time, it will start falling off again. You’re in control.

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    I keep track of inches too. For me, even if I'm not losing weight, I am still losing inches. Hang in there! You can do it!

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  • The “slump” is literally your body working the way it is suppose to to protect you. Biologically, your body has its back up and is trying to stay in tune with your weight loss and gauge wether or not you are intentionally losing weight. It. NEEDS to adjust to the new norms you put it through. Slowly, after it lets it’s back down and it’s guard relax, the weight will come off again. It really does take time. And let it. The slower it comes off the easier it is to keep it off. You’ve got this girl!  Be proud. Be diligent. Be free! 

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  • All the advice given by sages about failure can be summed up with, “if you fail, fail forward.” The body has its moments, and everyone reaches a point where it seems that there is a plateau. Don’t be so consumed with it, but focus on the healing you are promoting. When your body is ready, you will resume your weight loss journey.

    I went over two months without losing any weight. I just lived in the moment and enjoyed the fruits of my “feeling better”. After a while, I started dropping again.

    Don’t despair, you will be fine. “Keep on swimming!” ☺️

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  • Hi, you hang in there your going to get there,  have you tried to do exercise in bed? Yep bed, well I find before getting up I do legs straight up towards my ceiling 5 count on each roll on your side do the same for 10 each swing out of bed and do 5 knee bends squats hold in breath going down slowly come up breath out on each, it’s something I do to start my day before anything as the week goes on you may want to add a extra 5 on each just my suggestion to get the heart blood to wake up first good luck 

  • I've gone through the same thing with not losing weight for weeks. I also have my carb count at 16-17g per day but keep tracking, it truly helps. To jump start I would do a different cardio routine then I would start losing again. Previous posts state to measure. I'm going to make a point of tracking this as well.  You are certainly not alone.

  • Here are some suggestions:

    1. Lower your protein, up your fat, Keep your calories in the range of 1200-1500.

    2.Eliminate dairy products for a few weeks.(Cheeses, creams, etc.)

    3.Sometimes you even have to shock your body, have a high carb day once every few weeks.(Like eat something sweet, or something youve been craving for a while.) It might kick you out of ketosis but that is okay because the next day you just need to go straight back to low carb and within a few days you will be back into ketosis. 

    4. Try a 48-72hr water fast or egg fast. Personally I recommend the water fast because it gives your body a much needed break from all the digestive processes. 

    5. Try drinking 8 ounces of pickle juice once or twice a week. Pickle juice is a natural laxative and will help you cleanse your intestines out and break up blockages. (I did it the other day and went to the bathroom 2 big times and the next morning I was 2 pounds lighter.) 

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    Could you be adding muscle?  It weighs more than fat!

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    • JazzyJaycee it's been a little over a month since you reached out to the community. I'm curious, have you managed to right the ship and get you positive attitude back? Sending you good vibes for success. Take it one day at a time.
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