New to Keto as well

Hi I'm Simon.  I started Keton on Monday 9th Feb.  I do not have diabetes but I am looking to.lose a load of weight and help prevent getting diabetes.  I have been through a load of different app but have found this on so be the best so paid for the 12 month subscription.


I'm finding myself going to Google and asking if I can/can't eat certain veg, fruit etc.  

Could do with some help to get me off to the right start and to get me in to Ketosis as quickly as possible.

Can anyone help.?  Thanks...

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  • Hi I’m Karen ! How’s it going any weigh come off yet ? I just started as well. I am on day 5. I too found myself on google and YouTube helped a lot. But this app has helped me track my net carbs to the T 

    I went ahead and ordered Keto strips from amazon. It only cost me $6 and free shipping with the prime membership. 
    move been testing every morning and Yes I am in Ketosis. I would highly recommend this strips! They don’t just motivate you but also confirm your new way of  eating is working. It’s crazy because today  skipped breakfast and didn’t even realize it! 
    anyways stay positive and sending good vibes your way !!! 

  • spotter18  How is it going? Have you developed a list of foods that you can eat or are you still looking for guidance? 

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