Trouble reaching daily fat goal.

I'm whole hog on fatty fish, avocados, cheese, bacon, etc. Just can't reach my fat goal before running out of allowable carbs.

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  • If you’re just starting out and health benefits and weight loss is your goal, remember that you don’t need to hit your fat goals (if you’re at your desired weight and are in the maintenance phase, then it’s more important).  

    As you become keto adapted, your body switches from carbs to fats for its fuel. And if you are over weight and want to lose excess stored fat, this stored fat is your objective.  Eating less fat means that your body will have to burn stored fat to meet its energy requirements.  You don’t have to be draconian about it - eat enough fat with each meal to get that full feeling and that’s enough.  Make sense?

    so don’t worry about hitting your fat goal - less dietary fat will force your body to burn stored fat and that’s good for health improvements and weight loss.

    as for fats without the carbs, you can add butter (zero carbs) to meals - cook with butter, butter in your coffee, etc).  

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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  • Pecans usually work for me - they are not too heavy in protein and carbs, but have pretty high fat content. Among all the nuts, they have the highest fat. Also, each cheese is different. Turns out mozzarella doesn't have as much fat as Cheddar, for example. Try cream cheese and brie.

  • Thanks for the advice. It has only been a week for me. I just discovered fat bombs!

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  • mug cakes! I make a chocolate lava mug cake and top with whipped cream. there's a few carbs, but if you factor this into your daily, it's a good way to add extra fat.

  • Hey guys I've constantly struggled with keto till now tried this out and it works wonders hope this helps bit.ly2V1KQ1d

  • skyshab mug cakes? Sounds yummy

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