Losing weight but not body fat ??

Hi guys

i started keto on the 6th and have lost 8 pounds to date however my body fat is remaining at 29.5%
any idea why that would be ?

its been the same throughout

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  • 1st 2 weeks most of the lost Weight is water. You body no longer needs to hold on To excess water. Carbs plus insulin plus water makes fat. You dont have carbs you dont need the water. Fat loss comes soon after that

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  • Jakapalooza 馃憤馃憤馃憤thanks 

  • Perhaps re-evaluate your macros. You could be having too much fat or protein, eating way less, too many calories,  or maybe that body fat % machine is broken. Measure body inches as well.

  • Give it time. Weigh in only like every 3-4 weeks. In a few months your pants will start getting big. My scale don鈥檛 move much as first but a few months down the road I had to tighten my belt for sure. Amazing. I don鈥檛 weigh and get upset by that scale.  If I stay off it- my mind set is much better as long as my ketones are spewing out on my blood meter and I鈥檓 turning that stick purple. 

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  • I like to look at multiple measurements: Blood glucose, weight, various body measurements and ketones.  Chances are that if "fat" or "weight" is not coming off you will see another metric improving.  You may not lose weight for a bit but then your waist gets smaller.  Or maybe the next week you lose weight but not fat but your blood glucose stabilizes a bit.  This is my second round with Keto & IF to control diabetes.  It worked great the first time and I took a break because - at the time - not that much was known about the safety and I was worried that I was losing too much weight!  Now I don't have a choice.  Its this or meds for diabetes.  The proof is in the numbers and diabetes meds just seem to accompany a progession of the disease.

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