Frozen Vs Fresh vegetables

Hello there. I am finding the macros for frozen veg vs fresh veg very confusing. What appears to be the same amount on the plate has very different macros/ carbs when adding it all up. Any advice or suggestions? Fresh is not really an option here as i couldnt shop every couple of days. It would simply be wasted / go off and cost more in the long run. I just cant figure out the macros. 




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  • A few thing to keep in mind when using the nutritional numbers on ANY package:

    1. There can be an error of up to +/- 20%  based on the average of 12 samples from any given production lot.
    That can be a fairly significant amount in some instances.
    2. If there is less than 1 gram of sugar per serving size it can be called sugar free
    3. Really need to read the ingredients list in addition to the nutritional labels
    4. Look for hidden sugars

    Still I would go by the numbers on the package.

    Here is a list of common ingredient names for various sugars.

    Basic Simple Sugars (monosaccharides and disaccharides):

    1. Fructose
    2. Galactose
    3. Glucose
    4. Lactose
    5. Maltose
    6. Sucrose

    Solid or Granulated Sugars:

    1. Beet sugar
    2. Brown sugar
    3. Cane juice crystals
    4. Cane sugar
    5. Castor sugar
    6. Coconut sugar
    7. Confectioner’s sugar (aka, powdered sugar)
    8. Corn syrup solids
    9. Crystalline fructose
    10. Date sugar
    11. Demerara sugar
    12. Dextrin
    13. Diastatic malt
    14. Ethyl maltol
    15. Florida crystals
    16. Golden sugar
    17. Glucose syrup solids
    18. Grape sugar
    19. Icing sugar
    20. Maltodextrin
    21. Muscovado sugar
    22. Panela sugar
    23. Raw sugar
    24. Sugar (granulated or table)
    25. Sucanat
    26. Turbinado sugar
    27. Yellow sugar

    Liquid or Syrup Sugars:

    1. Agave Nectar/Syrup
    2. Barley malt
    3. Blackstrap molasses
    4. Brown rice syrup
    5. Buttered sugar/buttercream
    6. Caramel
    7. Carob syrup
    8. Corn syrup
    9. Evaporated cane juice
    10. Fruit juice
    11. Fruit juice concentrate
    12. Golden syrup
    13. High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
    14. Honey
    15. Invert sugar
    16. Malt syrup
    17. Maple syrup
    18. Molasses
    19. Rice syrup
    20. Refiner’s syrup
    21. Sorghum syrup
    22. Treacle
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  • Andrew Meyer Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. My question was frozen veg (zero ingredients other than veg) vs fresh veg ie 100g frozen vs 100g fresh broccoli etc. Il put it back out there if anyone has any tips? 

  • There shouldn't be any significant difference in the macros for fresh versus frozen vegetables but one reason may be that a 100 grams of frozen broccoli (for instance) may contain slightly less broccoli because of additional water.  Raw broccoli has 89.30 G of water, versus 90.55 G water in frozen.  So you are getting 1% less actual broccoli in the frozen version for the same weight.  Nutrients in frozen versus fresh may actually be higher, so no reason to think "fresh" is better nutritionally than frozen.  Taste, on the other hand,  is probably better with fresh in some cases - I think fresh spinach, when cooked, tastes better than frozen.  Other than that, I think using frozen if that's a better option for you makes good sense and good cents cost-wise!

  • I think any difference with frozen vs. fresh should not be very significant to fret over. I frequently use the frozen (steamables) version, and I use a weigh scale to measure the microwaved frozen veggies. 


    Pre-entering food will let you play with your macros and thus your quantities, and you can tweak them accordingly.

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