Intermittent Fasting

Been on Keto for approximately 11 weeks. Have lost 20 pounds, do not need to loose quickly. Is intermittent fasting appropriate? Getting Dr Jason Fung book on fasting. I am leary about fasting, but hear it could help in keeping body from adapting to Keto. I do believe I am fat adapted, blood ketones since day 3 range 1.0-3.2. Blood Glucose has been rising (98, now 110-120)  and I want to avoid T2D. Last A1C was 5.56 (10/17), will test again 12/18. Thanks for any advice you can offer. 

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  • Intermitent fasting is very good for you and many people use it not only for weight loss, but to give their bodies a rest from processing food. Here is some more info for you.

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  • Check out some of Joe Rogan’s Podcasts.  He has experts in that field and keto in general all the time.  I do it.  16/8 rule.  Don’t eat till noonish and cut it off at 8.  There is some debate about whether am coffees kills the fast due to the metabolism of the coffee and caffeine etc... I do nothing but water until I start my first meal.

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  • Yes, I definitely recommend fasting. Start and end your fast with a tablespoon of MCT oil. That should help you stay fat or keto-adapted.

  • Hello Margie! I started IF about two months ago, only eating between 11:30-7:30, it has honestly really helped my sleep and concentration in the mornings. Recently, over the past two weeks, I started switching from a 16:8 to a 20:4 fasting model. I occasionally do get hungry, but never starving. If I have a sweets craving, I just drink some tea. I've actually started looking at a shorter eating window because I had stalled in regular Keto. This helped me out of my stall. I'm very happy with this. It's also REALLY helped my sleep even more. Like I can get into a deeper sleep and fall asleep faster.  

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  • Intermittent fasting has various health benefits other than losing weight. Studies have shown that switching to Intermittent Fasting improves blood sugar regulation, increases resistance to stress, suppresses inflammation, decreases blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and resting heart rates. It can also modify risk factors associated with obesity and diabetes.  

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  • Thanks for the feedback. Does anyone know how long (estimated) you have to fast to intiate autophagy?

  • Robert N. Bryant From what I’ve read, it’s a minimum of 36 hrs. 

  • Robert N. Bryant Really depends on the individual, basically autophagy kicks in when your GKI glucose ketone index is 3 or below. To calculate your GKI you need a glucose/ketone monitor to test your blood. The formula is: GKI =  (glucose(in mg/dl)) /18)/ketone (in mmol/l).

    GKI < 1 - Very high state of ketosis (definitely in autophagy)

    GKI 1 -3 - High state of ketosis (most likely in autophagy)

    GKI 3 - 6 Moderate Ketosis (possibly in autophagy if at the lower end)

    GKI 6 - 9 Low Ketosis

    GKI > 9 Not in Ketosis

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