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So according to this app I’m allowed a net carb of 15 a day..  but I’m having trouble maintaining a decent amount of calories and nutrition to keep this goal.  And my protein ends up higher than my fat.  I’ve read so much about the proper foods and they make it sound so easy , but when I put it in the calculator the carbs add up fast.

heres a typical example of my daily intake and it results in less than 300 calories a day but barely keeps me in the 15 carb range 


while egg , cheddar cheese , slice of Canadian bacon


1 cup of broccoli with 1 oz of cheese 


3oz of grilled chicken 

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  • Keto is a low carb diet not a starvation diet and that’s what you’re doing. You can easily do 30g of carbs and be in ketosis. Also where’s the fat?  Cook your food in butter and healthy oil.  All your meat is lean, add fatty meats.  Theres a bunch of fat in macadamia and other nuts.  Eat all your protein.  I suggest you get a food list for keto and read more about the diet. 

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  • Yeah exactly! I’m not trying to starve here.  The 15 net carb a day is what I got, when I entered all my stats.  And 2 carbs here and 4 there add up fast.

    Im going to start adding coconut oil to my veggies instead of cheese.  That’s better for fat.  But it’s not going to help me increase calories.  
    anyway thanks :)

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  • Why not add coconut oil and cheese?  It’s zero about the percentages. It’s about lowering carbs so that you switch from burning glucose to burning fat.  Eat more protein and fat to get to a reasonable amount of calories.  Good sources of protein that include fat as well include chicken thighs, fatty cuts beef, eggs, cheese, nuts, nut butters, seeds.  You seem  afraid of the fat.   It’s going to get burned for energy. Too little and you’ll feel miserable.   I find the best way to do this is to keep carbs low, try 30%,  make sure you get adequate protein to preserve muscle, and the rest of calories is fat.   Eat when hungry and stop when full.  Right now stop thinking of it in terms of calories.  In a week or 2, evaluate where you are and adjust to be at a 20-25% deficit from maintenance.  It’s not fast weight loss but last weight loss. Good luck!

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  • 0b925123-5b60-ff15-613a-cf0f60aefe5c I’m not afraid of the fat I swear, and good point on combining the cheese and coconut oil.   I’m just struggling to keep the 15 net grams of carbs a day and not go over that.  And eating like a stick of butter just to up my fat and calories didn’t seem like the most nutritious way to do it.   If I add more protein then it’s higher in fat and no carbs usually, but then I feel like the protein is getting to be the highest percentage over fat.  
    I’ve read that if you’re protein is higher than your fat than your body starts converting that to energy over your fat?  So I’m trying to keep the carbs under 15 net grams a day and keep the fat the highest, over the protein.  But I guess you’re saying the percentage between fat and protein doesn’t matter?   Sorry if I’m being dense, I really appreciate the advice! 

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  • Bevoges85 

    it’s okay to have your carbs higher.  Ketosis is pretty much guaranteed at 30g or less for about everybody.  Protein is important and should be a goal. Eating even extra protein does not cause a problem.  The body only turns protein to glucose when it needs it for certain cells.  Fat is fuel, energy and fills out the rest of your calories. It’s not about correct percentages. It’s about getting into ketosis and all that entails is low carbs.  You stay in ketosis at least 6 weeks to be fat adapted and that means you’re burning ketones for energy instead of carbs/glucose.   In the beginning just eat low carb and protein and fat for satiety. Eat when hungry, stop when full.  In a week or two, lower calories to your desired limit but generally not lower than 1200.  Continue same carb limit, protein goal can be 20-30%, and fill rest of calories with fat. If at the end of the day you feel good don’t eat more.  It’s been made more complicated than it really is. I’m here to help, just holler:)

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  • 0b925123-5b60-ff15-613a-cf0f60aefe5c you are very soothing and I Want you as my mentor, thank you.   This was very helpful.   I’m very early in the process so I really appreciate the advice.  I’m very determined to do this right :) 

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  • Bevoges85 

    Thank you!  I’ve been maintaining for over 2 years. It’s really not complicated. I’ll try and check in to see if you have questions. Good luck!!

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  • I also have my carbs set at 15 but am having no problems with it.  I am not afraid to go up to 20 carbs.  Add me as a friend and have a look at my diary.  I am only just starting my second week and am not having any issues yet.  Good luck, we can do this.  We have a lot of support 😄

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  • Hi if it helps for 15 g of net carbs I had a boiled egg for breakfast , lunch  120g left over roast chicken , cup of lettuce , creamy coleslaw and mayonnaise with olive oil , dinner keto chicken mushroom risotto , with extra mushrooms cooked in butter , berries and cream for dessert ( double cream / fruit ) and cheese to snack. So 89g of 89g of protein / 101 g of 110g of fat , 15g net carbs  total 1352 calories 

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  • I have 17 net carbs a day and don’t have to add fat such as coconut oil, nor do I eat a lot of dairy, maybe 1 serving a day. For breakfast I’ll have an egg white omelette, 1/2 cup egg whites, 30 grams of spinach, sautéed mushrooms and 25 grams of Swiss cheese, plus 1/2 an avocado and sometimes 30 grams of salsa on the omelette. Very few net carbs total. For lunch I’ll have a big salad of spinach, a few grape tomatoes, olives, cucumber and maybe more avocado and an olive oil and vinegar dressing. Dinner is usually a grilled or roasted protein, chicken, fish or beef with a green veggies on the side, maybe a little butter. I’m usually well under 17 net carbs for the day, under my fat macro and calories and close or slightly over my protein. 

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  • Karen, do you use cauliflower rice for your risotto??

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  • egg whites are pure protein but if you were to use regular eggs they have a bit of fat as well, switch chicken breast for thigh or drum, boil the broccoli and cover it in olive oil and salt!

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