Carbs are negative

At the end of my day, my carbs are always in the negative!! What am I doing wrong?? On day two! 

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  • MrsMorris16  - I'm afraid I don't understand how carbs can be in the negative but perhaps I'm missing something?  Can you maybe give an example?  

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  • My Carb Manager App is synced to my Apple Watch. I walk quite a bit and it negates some of my carbs. Sometimes before I even start eating for the day, my carbs are at like negative 2 due to movement. After all is said and done for the day, all food logged and carb limit met, I’ll look at my Carb Manager App before bed and my carbs are lower due to my movement for the day if that makes sense. So I guess my question is is going negative in carbs good or bad?

  • Oh, I think I see.  I didn't realize that exercise would negate carbs on the app in addition to showing calories burned.  This is just my opinion only, but I would still go by my actual total carbs / net carbs eaten that day.  Will you stay in ketosis if you raise your carbs eaten based on exercise?  Perhaps someone else understands the science and can give a more informed answer.  Sounds like you are doing amazing, though - keep up the exercise - great health to you!

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    • Keelo
    • Just taking it one day at a time...
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    I was told to disable this function so that your exercise didn't deduct what you have put into the app for food tracking.

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  • Totally agree with the above comments. Our bodies do not need carbs they can make what they need provided you are getting your fatty proteins and minerals, negative carbs is not physically possible so don’t worry. In ‘self educations finds’ section there’s lots of help and I will add a mention of a really good scientific book to read if you’re interested. 🌸

  • My Fitbit is connected to my CM as well. I am very active during the day and have seen negative numbers in all three catagories daily. I am learning to pay attention more to my body. If I’m feeling more hungry, I’ll consume a little more of what I’m missing but still try to keep the ratio the same between fats:protein:carbs. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat just to make the numbers what they should be (according to the app). I am finding that the app is a great guide but should not be your complete rule book. Listen to your body once you become keto disciplined. I’m no expert though, still learning myself.

  • That's a great problem to have. I wish I had that problem!🙂

  • This is what you want to disable if you do t want negative stuff

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