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Ive just turned 40 and my weight has yo-yod for the last 35 years! I finally want to stop being hungry, stop eating enough to feed a small colony between the hours of 6 to 10 every evening....BUT i dont know where the heck to start with this scary high fat diet! I can put 3lbs on walking past the butter never mind drizzling in on my brocolli!!...so..any help, simple help will be hugely hugely helpful! X

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  • jonesginny0051c39 first step,

    do your own research.  Which diet will you follow? Research that intensely. Get to know the does and dont’s, etc.  Espeically with ketogenic if that’s what yo plan to follow, this really isn’t something a person should jump into not knowing much about it, it’s philosophy, what it does to the body, etc. There are certain health issues that need to be known prior to starting so one doesn’t become extremely sick or need hospitalization. Start there, and then this forum is for added extra support.

  • Badmojomn 

  • jonesginny0051c39 jonesginny0051c39 Thankyou Badmojomn . Im going to try the keto thing but just got a bit worried about all the figures and the macros but I guess logging everything, avoiding carbs, not avoiding fats and stocking up on veggies and water is the best way to start until i get in the swing of it. Thankyou for your help. Starting tomorrow so im all stocked up with nice meats, cheeses etc.x 

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  • When I turned 40 in 2016 I told my husband that I didn’t want to be 40 and fat 😔.  Did research, consulted with a bariatric surgeon who specializes in food addiction (mainly carbs/sugar).  He advised that I follow a ketogenic diet (gave me a simplistic meal plan to follow).   I’ve been following it for a 1.5 years and down almost 60 lbs.  I’ve plateaued for about four months, but am making small adjustments and seeing results.  I didn’t have bariatric surgery (wasn’t qualified) I see this bariatric doctor once a month (he calls it AA for overweight people).  With his help, guidance and support, I’ve finally come to terms that I have an addiction to carbs/sugar.  It’s no different than drugs/alcohol addiction, just a different drug.   For the record, I had annual physical and my numbers (good/bad cholesterol, glucose, etc.) are 🔥 🙌🏼

  • stacepb0142fc  60lbs!! wow thats amazing!! This is my official first day after reading digesting and researching, ive got about 40lbs to lose and have always done low calorie low fat kinda diets and seen little results and then when i did lose a few lbs id reward myself with cake and cartwheel off the wagon! Ive just had sausage bacon eggs and mushrooms for brunch and cant help but feel im doing it wrong! Ive logged it all in this app, keeping a good eye on the carbs and determined to shift this baby weight!! (Baby is now 9 so no excuses!!!!) Thankyou for your help and i hope you carry on with your amazing journey!! X

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  • jonesginny0051c39  you can do this. I'm starting week 6 and I can't imagine not living life this way anymore. It takes time to learn, you will adjust your foods as you learn more and learn your body. Just keep reading and researching all that you can! Youtube has some great resources too. I find this way of eating very easy to do, and I track everything!

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  • Mkemmis73  thankyou so much for your support, im liking this community with everyone helping each other! Wishing you continued good health on your journey x

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  • stacepb0142fc  wow 60 pounds is so inspiring, I started today the 3 April 2018, I am 40 yrs old and just tired of being tired and overweight, I want my life and health back thank you for introducing yourself and keep going, you are doing so great!!! II have 150 pounds to lose so its going to take some time but I am committed

  • I was you! Lost weight so many times and went ba k up again. My diets were low fat and high carb and I thought they worked because the weight came off. But my cholesterol was always bad. I mean super bad despite low fat. Now I do high fat and low, super low carbs. I eat butter and cream and pork with fat and things that once would have made my hair stand on end 😂. It scared me at first. But in two months I have lost 33 pounds. I also do fasting and I have never been less hungry in my whole life. I fast 23 hours each day mostly. I researched Dr Jason Fung on YouTube. Then I began cutting out breakfast. After that I started looking at www.dietdoctor.com on the web. Lots of free info on low carb and keto. This is the most life changing way of eating I have ever found. I am fifty years old and for the first time in my life I am in control of my food and my food is not controlling me.

  • dianasalt2686  we will all get there with the help and encouragement of each other!

  • Queen of Sheba  wow thats a brilliant loss, well done!!! Im determined this time, ive probably lost my body weight twice over and put it back on again with low fat fads so it is amazing to be able to eat cheese and lose weight!!! Well done and keep plodding x

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