Carb count, follow packets or the app.

Hi all, I’ve been on a low carb diet for the past 5 days and doing great so far. I have hit an issue and I’m not sure which carb count to follow.  On the packaging of Greek Natural Yogurt it states 5.1g total carbs of which have 5.1 g of Sugars, suggesting the net carbs to calculate would be zero. Happy days I thought. Had a nice 200g serving with frozen Raspberries thinking I’d be in my carb zone. Here’s the issue, on scanning the yogurt pot with the app to record it to my daily allowance it shows 5g net under the nutrition advice.  Based on the fact I had 200g plus the raspberries this puts me at 20g of carbs for one meal.  My daily allowance is only 20g.  If I go by packaging it would be only 7g for the meal. Which is a truer reading to follow? Please advise ;)

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  • This is the reason I decided to count total carbs..... I know myself too well, I am a sugar carb addict and would constantly kid myself I was eating a keto diet when I wouldn’t be anywhere near.  I personally for me, stick to 20g total carbs and my cravings are silent. I am rarely hungry.  It is trial and error finding food we love that suit us personally. If you research the type of diet you want, it will help you make you decision as our metabolic damage vary so much obviously. Sorry that’s not a black Or white answer. See the post under the heading low carb chat, favourite self education sites ~ lots of links to information 🌸

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  • Joanna Oh! Your doing total carbs and not net? I may try this, well most days. Not sure I could with my love of the macadamia and pecan nuts. 

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  • badmojomn I still love my macadamia nuts too. Most days I can have them but I don’t often feel a need to snack any more.... I rarely get to 20g as my current love is butter fried cabbage 😋 might be a different when you try the ice cream!

  • Hi. Congrats on a great start!

    I think there's some confusion here. Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber (not sugar). So since the yogurt has 0 dietary fiber listed, the total carbs ARE the net carbs. 

    Using the app's values, at least at first, can help us figure out mix-ups  like this. After we have been doing it for a while we begin to understand the values better. I know some folks on here stop logging every bite after a few months when they get comfortable with the values of their regular foods and just check nutrition values for less familiar foods. I'm a long way from that point yet. :-)

    I hope this helps. And good luck,


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  • Joyful  thank you. This explains a lot. More research needed.   :)

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  • Yes for me it's total carb from now on. I noticed the ketones count differ too much as a result. I also noticed that there is heavy cream with 0 carb and heavy cream with 1 carb in a serving. Even for sweeteners (use is rarely) I add 1 carb. 

  • wamdesigns I think I'm going to have to look at total carbs. I do enjoy a "low carb" wrap once in awhile. This may be difficult. 

  • I have the same issue, the app says 13 net carbs for a cup of frozen unsweetened raspberries but both the package and scan say 6. Why?

  • Nangell are the serving sizes the same?

  • Wayne 

  • To get the most out of doing keto should I count total or net carbs? Everyone is right to be confused I made soft tacos with the Mission carb street taco soft shells which are 2 shells counting as 6 net versus 21 total! Trying to stay below 25 carbs per day, mistakes like this could derail me before I get started! Help!!

  • I have generally avoided using net carbs and focused more on total carbs. Generally try to be under 30 g total, but will allow myself up to 50 g total occasionally.

    Another thing to note, it has been shown that artificial sweeteners can cause an insulin response just like real sugars. Although your blood sugar might not spike the insulin will which will inhibit the production of ketones.

  • So my total carbs of 2 over is ok then gee I’m confused my calories suppose to be at 1200 I’m at 435 I’m don’t think I’m aware at all what I’m suppose to be doing any more! Would it be easier just to do calories instead.?

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