Ketone level

Been on the diet for a little over a week now and tested my levels this morning using test strips off Amazon. The strip indicated “low” levels of kentones in my urine. Not exactly sure what a “normal” or “optimal” reading should be. Can anyone shed some light onto this??  


Also, in logging my foods my protein always seems higher than my fat intake. What’s the best way to even this out of is that necessary? According the the Macro chart my protein is being met fully but my fat is usually half full or 3/4 full on the chart. 



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  • Everything I researched indicates that if you go over your protein limits you will digest/burn protein before fat.   I was stalled for a couple of weeks and to get back to loosing weight I limited my protein to <limit for 3 days and was back on track.  Some strips are not meant for Keto, but are used by diabetics who need to know when things are bad.... I used strips like those, and did a little searching and think that either you're in Keto, or not. The amount is moot. I'm looking for something other than strips. Hope this helps.

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