Connect feed jumping to top after posting a comment

Can the app please be fixed to not jump to the top of the connect feed every time one hits enter to reply to or make a comment?  What with all the recipes and friending notices, it is often difficult (see previous post about adding a filter) to find comments even a day old.  The more friends I’ve gotten, the worse this gets. 

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  • Exactly! Tech team, please fix this!

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  • Annie124  According to previous conversations I’ve had with tech-support within the app, I asked about this 17 weeks ago and it still doing it/not fixed.

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  • Lavender Blue it is the most obnoxious of the feed problems, right? Between this and the proliferation of new friend and recipe posts, it's almost impossible to keep conversations going longer than a day. Frustrating!

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  • I’m beginning to think I’ve got other gripes about how this forum works.  They must have a lot of trouble with bots because about every other time I post or reply to something, I have to prove I’m human.  Had written a reply to you but lost it when I had to do that.

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  • I have had the same experience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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  • Could be. Wouldn't surprise me. Or... they could simple enable 2FA.

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  • Hi folks, and thanks for the feedback on the Connect section feed! It's been raised with the Product Team.

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  • The moderator also gets stuck with proving humanness! We do get a lot of spammers here, sadly. We are using a third-party tool here, so Carb Manager doesn't have a lot of power to set up 2FA, but we will check on the strictness of the filter. Thanks again for the feedback!

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  • Carb Manager 😂 Thanks for the reply!  Btw, I hope to post recipes and pics for them on a fairly regular basis…. I hope I don’t have to wait so long each time.  I promise all my pics are about the food!  😊 

  • Carb Manager Sounds like it may be time to migrate to a new provider altogether. There are plenty out there, some are better than others. Since I am technology professional my recommendation to you would be this: locate a provider that provides their offerings (forums, web backends, etc) as a SaaS solution and  whose workloads (e.g., applications themselves) run in a secured Kubernetes offering, namely, OpenShift Online by Red Hat.

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