GKI Consistently Low

I’ve seen this same comment over the last 2 years but still not sure if I need to worry about it a lot. I was on Keto for 15 months and lost 65 pounds. I slacked off for 6 months and started stress eating since I was in self quarantine. Back on Keto to lose my Covid-19, 19 pounds  and again I consistently run between 0.9 - 2.5 GKI..  my macros are in line with “typical” keto. I have adjustEd my workout but still fall in that range.. should I be concerned?? I feel fine and have lots of energy! 

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    How often are you testing? I test several times a day just to see how what I'm doing impacts the readings - my glucose goes down and my ketones go up as the day goes on so my readings at 10 AM are very different than at 7 PM.

  • I don’t test at all. I’ve heard from numerous people that it becomes an addiction and when they are off on readings they get anxious. I go by how I feel. If I eat something and I feel bloated and sluggish, I won’t eat it or I limit my intake. If I feel nice and energized I’ll keep eating it. I drink tons of water. I notice I have a hard time staying in ketosis if I don’t drink plenty of water, so I bought a gallon water bottle and make sure I drink that throughout the day. I also only weigh myself once a week, I know I lost/gained weight or inches on my waist if my clothes fit differently. I make this diet fun, if I have to test and weigh myself constantly I get discouraged and fall off the  wagon. I love keto so much, though! 🥰

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