Quick Recipe Adjustments

Would like to do quick swaps on recipe ingredients and have the macros update - ie omit onions, garlic etc. Could the app just allow you to edit recipes only as applied to your daily log for that day?  Would be like using a recipe as a template that you can edit on. 

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  • Same!  It used to allow this - when you clicked on Edit recipe you could omit and change recipes - especially interested in changing types of meat etc.  It no longer allows it or i cannot find where to do it???  I have tried on the app and on a desktop and I cannot find any place to reach out to carb manager to ask

    The main reason I PAY for the full version of the app was because of the awesome recipe adding feature - it no longer does any of the things it used to.  Even when you import a recipe, you cannot edit the ingredients.  Perfect example is the a recipe uses ground beef, it doesn't tell you what fat percentage the nutrition info is working off of.  I like to use 90/10.  You can no longer add bulk ingredients either :(  :(

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  • Another user shared a tip for customizing recipes 

    @paul_the_dane wrote

    “With your base recipe opened, click the three dots and select the option Copy to My Foods.  A duplicate will appear there.  Edit it as you like but make sure you edit the name as well or it will be confusing which is which.  I've done it and it works fine.”

    I edited the recipe names to find them easier then can add, remove or substitute ingredients. The added bonus is every other recipe doesn’t start with the words Keto or Low Carb.

    I hope this is helpful to other users of the amazing app 

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  • Geoff Saxon That did it!!!  Thank you!!!  So very happy again!  🙂

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  • I was so happy to discover this feature I had to share. It’s a game changer! 

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  • Geoff Saxon so you can take a recipe that calls for chicken and change it to beef (for example) and it will update the macros and calories accordingly? Or do you have to update the numbers yourself (I wouldn't know them in order to update them).  Another issue I have is often when you use recipes and select to eat it it just says "one serving" and you have no idea the weight/volume. Makes things very inaccurate...

  • Geoff Saxon I still cant see where to remove or substitute ingredients.  When I open the recipie and 3 dots in My foods,  I cant see where to edit the ingredients.  Can you help please? 

  • Jellybelly when you open the recipe in My Foods and click the three dots in the upper right corner, a drop down list should appear along the right margin.  ‘Edit’ is the third option down from the top.

    If that doesn’t work, an alternate way to edit one of your foods is to go to My Foods and scroll down or search for the particular recipe you want to edit.  When you find it, don’t open it.  Rather, look for the three dots to the right of the recipe title.  Tap them and the same drop down list of options should appear along the right margin.  Edit is the third option from the top.

    I hope this helps - let us know if it does.

  • Shelli Yes, changing the ingredients updates the macros automatically, whether changing the quantity (say, 6-ozs to 4-ozs) or beef to chicken.

    Hope this helps.

  • Shelli Oops!  I forgot to mention that while some recipes just give the serving size as ‘serving’, you often (but not always) can scroll down below the ingredients and directions to just above the nutrient listing and sometimes it will list the serving size in ozs/grams.  Not always, but sometimes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Is there any chance this will be added as a feature?  The way to edit it mentioned in this thread is basically a time consuming work around for a feature that I would think should be part of the software.  Copy, edit, rename, save, add.  If I could quick edit (which I need to do often) it would be a quick action then save.  Plus, the method mentioned also creates multiple duplicates that clog up my recipe list.  Then when I want to use the recipe, I have to look thru all the items and find the one that is the original.  

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