How often should you measure?  Once a week month quarter?

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  • What do you want to measure? Blood sugars, blood ketones, weight?

    For blood ketones and/or blood sugar. Daily at least, first thing after you get up before any food. That gets you your fasting levels.

    As to weight, that really depends on you and your comfort level. For myself I measure my weight every morning and note trends over the week. I don't focus on minor daily fluctuations.

    If fluctuations would bother you, then don't weigh yourself as frequently.

    I prefer the daily weight check because I can take note of trends before the week is out. A slight rise one or two days not an issue. Three days in a row, that is when it is time for me to consider what might be going wrong and try to correct it. I will still have 4 more days to reverse that trend.

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  • Andrew Meyer sorry. I meant waist, arms, etc

  • leah_hodges No problem. I think for those measurements once every two weeks at most. You are not likely to see any consistent or significant changes in just a week.

    I personally don't take those measurements but I would think between 1 and 2 months between measurements should be good. Three months might be a bit long if you are not in a maintenance mode.

    If you have reached your goal then once a quarter to see that you are staying on track should be fine.

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    I like once a week.  I measure from neck to calf.  On weeks that I don't lose weight, I've usually still lost inches. It helps to keep me going.

  • Hi I'm a newbie just started my 4th week trying to keep it 20 grams or below so far so good just have not lost much weight 3 pounds so far but feels like I have lost 10 lbs any ideas

  • Rooster1 If you are feeling great and you are seeing differences in how you look that you like then go with it. The scale is not the be all and end all. Don't be a slave to the scale.

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