1st 2 wks were great, last week -1 pd , this week

++ 2 pds in one day.  Have not changed anything and i have done cardio intensive training 40 mibs a day 7 days a week plus some light weights every other day stayed under carbs way under 16 all but 1 day in first week.  Is this a lull in the weight loss and normal? Got excited cuz first week lost 6.5 and second week 7 pds. Now im worried 

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  • I was just going to write the same. Been really strict with it ( calories and macros) and second week I've gained !!

  • SAME! Just came here to find answers. I feel like this could be normal, but I've been holding steady for almost a week now, and that isn't making me feel positive about this. 

  • fluctuations are normal, don't fret about 1 day changes. You need to keep things in perspective, I can have shits that weight more than the weight gain I see people worrying about.

  • remember, the first week or two will be water loss as the body switches from glucose to ketones. To be really successful it is still a calorie in calorie out equation. You have to weight yourself when you are 'empty' so to speak and at the same time. Don't do it daily. Do it weekly. You also need to check if you are actually in ketosis using various methods. I use ketostix as a basic indicator.

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