4 weeks I am in Ketosis the whole time. My percentages are right and I’m not losing. Why?

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  • I see a lot of views but no responses.  No one has anything to tell me>

  • Cheynne03 Hey I tried to reply you But my replies are not showing So if you want any info regarding weight loss you can mail me at fatgoplus@gmail.com

  • I've been wondering this too and Googled it. I did find consistent reasons why and most of them make sense.  The two that come to mind to ask you are? 

    Could it be: 

    too many calories in versus out? snacking, etc?

    other health issues?

    The other thing that comes to mind is just the amount of time needed to fat adapt?

    I'm new to keto and learning, so I'm not an expert...

    Hoping to hear some advice from others more experienced.

  • Sarah not over the calories

    set in my macros.  Always under.  I may be just impatient.

  • Hang in there. I'm feeling frustrated with no weight loss after water weight... 

    I'm finding encouragement here on the forum and by trying to look at other changes that are happening. I feel less bloated and clothes seem a bit less snug even if I think I'm just imagining it. :) 

    I've had a few days where I have great energy...hoping they return, but that was a good sign, right?

  • When I added more water and exercise, I really began to see results.  Often times Keto is touted as a miracle diet where all you have to do is switch your diet and pounds "melt" off.  I'm 57 and nothing melts off this frame like it did in my 20's and 30's.  I found the best results when I limit eating late at night and try to get a good walk in before I eat breakfast.

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  • MediumFats Yes! This! People don't understand that it's a process. Everyone is different. The body processes change differently. Also, it isn't always about weight. When I was stalled in weight I was still losing inches. 

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  • I've been doing Keto for about 5 or 6 weeks now. I lost 8.2 pounds so far. Most was in the beginning though. I've had some days where I just can't stop eating.. and have gone over but lately I'm trying to watch myself more. I have been drinking more water and only had coffee in the morning the last few days.. nothing to eat until around 1:00 PM. I lost another pound as of this morning by switching it up.

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  • I am learning to eat more fat.  I will not stay full if I dont eat enough fats in my meals.  

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  • Agree with MediumFats  and JediMadre --One of the things I learn is that your thirst signal decreases as you get older--couple that with the fact that many mistake the thirst signal for hunger--sets you up to eat when you are not hungry.   I also avoid eating anything after 8pm--that was a very bad habit I had for many years.  For me--i must work to get enough water daily--I shoot for 160oz minimum.  Cheynne03 --hang in there--trust the process.

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