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I’m experienced with ketosis based diets as I went from 315 pounds to 195 pounds on a very low carb diet twenty years ago. It changed my life!  People who meet me don’t even believe me when I tell them I once weighed 315. I’ve kept it off all these years by consistently counting carbs and being reasonable with them, by regular exercise (cycling + weights) and by periodically engaging in a Keto diet for a couple of months. 

I do see results faster with Keto and a bit more of a fat focus than I did on a traditional low carb diet.  I’d like to drop 5 to 10 more pounds, get down to 185 to 190 before the spring cycling season, so started a Keto diet on New Year’s Eve.  I already feel more mental clarity and my energy level is picking up too.

 I’m really thankful for all those who have persisted in fighting the high carb - low fat lie, and who have taught millions of us that eliminating carbs is the first step to a changed life.  

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  • Thanks for sharing that!

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  • Great post.

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  • Sorry I missed your post earlier ~ must catch up! Brilliant life story, congratulations on low carb living & an amazing weightloss 🙌 totally agree with giving thanks for the amazing, persistence of Dr’s & researchers out there who have gone against the tide of low fat, low calorie hardliners. 

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  • greg6c23 Excellent post. The traditional American diet is a lie. The sugar industry when they started years ago were totally laughing to the bank when they all colluded with politicians and all those others that wanted to line their bank accounts. Great work and keep keto!

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  • It is interesting that most people feel more energy, mental focus and a deeper sense of calm while eating Keto.  I've certainly found that to be true for me.  Other mild changes I notice is that my resting HR, which is normally low-mid 40's BPM, is about 10% higher on Keto, and tends to fluctuate.  I think that's because it's easy to get dehydrated if you're not purposeful about drinking water, and also because you have to stay on top of your body's electrolyte levels.  I started supplementing electrolytes, zinc and selenium - moderate amounts like half of RDA - and almost instantly noticed that my HR stabilized.  I very much enjoy reading people's stories and their challenges.  None of us have it all figured out, but we're all striving to be our best selves.

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