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I am having a terrible time losing weight with this diet. I wish there was a way for an expert to look at the daily log to see what I could do differently. I am only down 3 lbs from the beginning of Sept. At the beginning, I used a friends blow meter and I was in ketosis for the first few weeks so I know I am following the keeto diet correctly.  I am following everything in Carb Manager that I can. I am suppose to be on 17 of carbs but do go over that but only a few. I have never been above 22 carbs in any given day. I increased my Protein with low cal drinks and hemp hearts as that was always low but that doesn't seem to have made a difference. Help! This diet doesn't seem worth it! 

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  • Shona I think what she means by exercise choice is in your beginning settings, raise it up to next level and see how that changes your macro.

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  • People USUALLY lose weight/inches following a keto diet. But everyone is different. We have different chemistry, different dieting histories, differing metabolism, varying health factors that affect our ability to lose weight.

    Before I started, my doctor told me I was "healthy. Your fasting blood sugar is slightly high, though." I know I wasn't healthy. I drank 2L Mt. Dew/day!!! I had obesity.

    Also, I have psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease and other skin problems like rosacea.

    I also had a child at 42.

    All these factors affected my ability to lose weight.

    I did lose weight easily on a low fat diet at first then had a stall.

    Then I switched to keto. I lost weight rapidly again and again stalled.

    I am continually doing research to figure out how to lose weight efficiently.

    These are some things I read that haven't been mentioned in this thread, yet:

    1. Is keto for you? Or rather, maybe your chemistry doesn't respond to keto immediately. You can try volumetrics.

    2. Is it possible you have an unknown food sensitivity? I just found out I digest lactose free foods much easier.

    3. If you eat fruit at your first meal, it can negate all your dieting efforts!

    4. It's true that some people cannot eat sweeteners and lose weight. "Sugar free" is misleading.

    5. The most optimal fasting duration for female weight loss is 14-15 hours.

    6. However, fasting for longer durations like 24-48 hours is beneficial for autophagy, increased HGH, reversing insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar, increasing ketone levels and increasing fat burning, digesting red meat, cheese, and nuts, etc. and INCREASING metabolism! (It's easier to fast when fat-adapted. I wouldn't try longer fasts without baby steps.)

    6. If your doctor sucks, get a different one you can talk to. I did.

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  • Shona are you working out at all? Maybe add some cardio or walking into the mix? I am discouraged right now too. I have been at this for over a week. I am logging everything, tracking macros, I've been doing the 16:8 intermittent fasting for the past several days, drinking tons of water ( are you drinking a lot of water?) and my scale is not budging.I initially lost a couple of pounds, water weight I'm sure, but now it isn't budging. I am going to add some cardio in and try to up my water intake. I understand your frustration.

  • I have been on Keto and today is 10th day. infact I put on a pound, and I am very careful at eating and logging food.

    But I lost some fat for sure as my Omiron fat monitor says I have lost around 1% of fat, was 23.8 now at 22.8 this morning. Not sure why the gain in weight. Hopefully the water will go away soon.

    This forum is mostly dead, only people complaining are us. Seems like most of them moved on after they got what they wanted or they couldnt get answers. I will give it another week before I stop logging to this site too.

  • Dina Hill 

  • Shona hi thanks for your input. I was so discouraged as I hadn’t lost a single kilo/pound in 3 months - seriously. Don’t know what the problem was as was doing everything right and tried all sorts of variations and upped my exercise. I never got into the ketosis state and I was always hungry. I was so angry and I gave up about a month or so ago  and have crammed all the yummy food into my diet and have of course gained weight.  Oh well. Be happy. 

  • Krish   Dina Hill   I just want to say that I was in the same exact place only days ago. I had the big initial drop and then nothing - fluctuation around 1 lb up/down. I did some research and discovered this is normal for all weight loss plans.  Week 1 is water weight, week 2 your body is trying to figure out what is going on so it retains some water again. Weeks 3/4 you will likely start to see some movement again if you stick with it. Focus on how you feel - are you getting full faster - staying satisfied longer? This was a big reason I went with this lifestyle as I was definitely living one sugar high to the next. It can be frustrating early on when you are doing the right things and not seeing the scale move. Day 15 for me, after 9 days with no weight loss, I lost another 2lbs. Hang in there!

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  • efought0714 

  • Thanks but like I’ve said it was months and no loss not even water in the first week or so.  I began in August last year and gave up in November.  I did all the fasting recommendations as well. Admittedly I was feeling good albeit always hungry. My carbs were 20g /day for weeks then increased to 50g/day for weeks   I played around with the other macros too but not changing things up for a couple of weeks at a time. Anyway. Thanks for your input. 

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  • I am super frustrated as well. I may stick it out one more week but Ive never had such slow results with anything else ive tried. I will say that I am hesitant to give up just because I FEEL so much better. A lot more energy during the day and sleeping better at night. So I may end up just modifying, keeping the sugar out and limiting my carbs. I do feel less bloated even though the scale is being stubborn. Thanks for replying to me. I didn't realize that this forum was so inactive. 

  • Don’t give up! It works. Maybe recalculate your macros.  I do this every two weeks when I weigh myself. Keep in mind, your net carbs are the most important to stay under. Good luck.

  • How are doing now   @Lori.4 ? So far, at end of week 3, if lost almost 15lbs. Two of the biggest 5hings I’ve done to help me, is taking MCT oil and getting Ketone sticks from pharmacy to measure my levels and keep me on track. Also, my high blood pressure has already stabilized to a normal level!

  • sonyalturnere1de  what is IF and how does it work? I have been doing Keto since Jan 3 and lost 3 pounds and gained it all back this week.  I am trying not to give up myself. 

  • AmyG 

    Try this link.

    Good luck. 

  • Hi thanks Amy yes I am on to Diet Doctor - fabulous source of info and I have done all the IF options and I’m trying  the 16:8 again first. 

  • Shona 

    Try adding a tablespoon of  MCT  oil in your coffee or tea  with whipping cream....that helps keep me full  also the MCT oil helps with getting in and staying in ketosis.. I make my coffee and the oil and cream and put in my blender for a few seconds...comes out real frothy....

  • Hi thanks. Yes been doing that as well minus whipping cream.  Believe me when I say I have tried everything and done everything possible. I’m obviously doing something wrong. Just have to trial and error again to figure it out. I’ve just had two months off from it all and started afresh one week ago and will be doing two days 16:8 fasting from tomorrow. Thanks. 

  • I  am starting the intermittent fasting as well..good luck to you ☺

  • Before I started Keto, I completed a water fast for 4 days to clean out my system.  Since starting Keto, I have kept my total calories below 1,500 per day, I walk for at least 3 miles per day, I keep my carbs under 20 grams (or less than 5% of my daily calories), I keep my fat at 70% or more of my daily calories, and I intermittent fast at least one day per week for a minimum of 24 hours.  I started December 26, 2018 and I have lost 18 pounds so far.  I am very pleased with the results, but my weight loss is beginning to slow as this past week I only lost 2 pounds. I also only eat two meals per day and I eat only until I feel full.  I hope this helps anyone who is having issues in losing weight.

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    One, you have to consider this a lifestyle change or it's not gonna work. 


    Are you eating clean? Prepackaged foods have alot of hidden carbs. 


    Have you tried Intermittent Fasting?

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