Help! I can't keep my carbs under 20!

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. EVERYTHING has carbs. Right now I'm 5 over, and I haven't had dinner. I can't not have vegetables bc it makes me feel like crap. I was planning on making stuffed peppers and put cauliflower rice with the meat to bulk it up for my teenage boys. At this point all I can think to do for dinner for me is smoked salmon and celery. I'm hungry and I don't know what to eat! Everything has carbs! I'm feeling really frustrated because I can't figure out how to stay within my macros. I'm afraid that I'm doing it all wrong and instead of losing weight I'm going to get high cholesterol and gain weight.

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  • Ok I can tell you what I ate yesterday if that helps. First I don’t eat any food that is made up using various ingredients including ground foods like flour. I just eat food that is natural like meat, fish, eggs, ham, cheese,cream a little milk as I hate black tea.i eat Greek yoghurt sometimes too and I sweeten with Splenda.

    So yesterday because I’m at home and can eat when I want to I had a late breakfast/brunch of 2 fried eggs, 3 rashersof streaky bacon and a fried mushroom plus a coffee with 2 tablespoons of whipped cream ( no sugar in the cream). I had a coffee with cream earlier when I first got up too.  That kept me not hungry until around 6pm. I cooked an evening meal which was a fried tuna steak with a rub on it for extra flavour and a bunch of steamed fresh spinach which I added a big lump of butter to. I also had some real cheese which I put on some crackers that happen to be low carb. 

    I ended the day with around 15 grams of actual carbs. 

    I am losing weight steadily albeit slowly but I’m happy as I never feel hungry and my sweet tooth has gone.

    oh should add I usually have a gin and diet tonic in the evening, sometimes two of them! 

    I am watching how much I eat too but it’s not hard to keep from overeating as I feel full after eating the above type of foods. I don’t bother with macros I just look at carbs. I can see I’m eating high fat .

    I hope this helps. My foods might be different as I live in New Zealand.

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  • Ps The crackers were an exception to not eating foods with flour in. They are very high fibre.

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  • Are you trying to go for ketogenic?  You can have more carbs than that and still be low carb. AND lose tons of weight depending on how much you need to lose.  All of us are different.  Don’t set an unrealistic goal of <20carbs for yourself and then get frustrated and give up.  I lost 80+pounds eating 50-100 carbs a day.  Of course they were mostly veggie carbs (I love to eat in bulk) and never ever refined or starchy carbs.

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  • Have the meat and cauliflower stuffing,  skip the pepper to minimize your dinner carbs.

    Don't worry about being over today, and make your tomorrow meal plan today.

    Put in what you plan to eat, see where the carbs are coming from and lower those items amounts to get within the range you need to lose weight, or choose lower carb options.  It takes a little adjustment but you can figure it out.

    Search for keto meals on the web to help get meal planning ideas for the week.  

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  • Not being able to eat veggies makes the low carb diet more difficult.  I count on them for bulk and vitamins.  Fiber also binds to some fats    If you have teens you may need to always include a starch for them with meals.  I always have bread for sandwiches for my husband and have rice pasta and potato type fillers for him.   25 carbs is plenty low.  

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  • You can still have veggies and be keto. Check the meal planning g and menus for ideas. There is even a stuffed pepper recipe..

    Look over your daily means, find when you are consuming the most carbs, and adjust. A typical day for me starts with a coffee with heavy cream and tumeric, as well as 1/2 packet of Thrive Lifestyle mix by Le-Vel, for the vitamins, then later in the morning, I will have scrammed eggs with cheese and bacon. Snacks are primarily some kind of nut or a meat/cheese combo. Dinner is anywhere from a group d beef burger to chicken with healthy fats added such as an avocado. 

    You will find your balance, if you look back on your daily foods.

    There are so many free meal plans on the internet, also use Pinterest!

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    Is this 20 net carbs? Big difference between net carbs and total carbs. Not using net carbs will cheat you out of veggies.

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  • Has anyone  found a good full fat Greek yogurt  that would me good for the keto plan?

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  • Try increasing your fat. do not buy anything that is diet, low fat, etc - they are higher in sugar causing you to overload in carbs

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  • Trianera I gave up on yogurt, too many carbs.  I just take probiotic tabs.  I second the suggestion to switch to net carbs, when you pull out the fiber it lets you have more veggies.  Not as much as I'd like, I'm used to eating 1-2lbs of veggies a day, cutting back to like 6oz a day is the hardest part of keto for me.  Fortunately there are compensations, like yummy fat bombs.

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  • Trianera - following!

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  • Same here!! Frustrating! Can't even have a can of chicken noodle or breads! How do you eat a sandwich/burger!

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  • Tiff79 Eating keto means saying goodbye to bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar, fruit.  You can eat a sandwich or Burger substituting lettuce for the buns. There are also specialized keto products like Outer Aisle sandwich thins or those egg white wraps that you can get at Walmart. There are also keto bread recipes you can make using almond and coconut flour. But if you're going to keep keto, regular commercial bread is off the table.

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  • Karen M 

    Do you know why the sample recipes have so much protein?  For example there was a pork chop recipe which said 56 gram of protein for 1 serving but it should have only been around 7. I don’t get it. I have noticed a lot are like that. 

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