Feeling overwhelmed

Good morning everyone. Today is my second day of Keto. I need to lose a large amount of weight. It’s rather overwhelming 

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  • Make yourself 10 lb goals. I am 4 weeks in and hit my first 10 lb goal and it was such a huge milestone for me. I also have a lot to lose. To keep my head in the game... I can’t look at the big picture or I also get overwhelmed. 10 lb victories :)

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  • npkyle 

    thats a great idea. 10 lbs it is. 

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  • Take it a day at a time. I searched youtube and Pinterest to learn as much as I can and that helps to get enthused about it too. Best wishes!

  • Today is my second day of keto too! It can feel very overwhelming but don’t give up! Read, plan, and take it one day at a time. I try not to think about the long term. Instead I think about what I need to do for today and tomorrow. It’s overwhelming to think I need to lose 50 pounds and constantly wonder when I’ll get to my goal weight. It’s less overwhelming to focus on the day to day and not think about what the scale says. Good luck! You’ve got this!

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  • Nice to see another newbie LighterReady!  We got this!!

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  • Janice4945   Sorry typo. LighterAlready!  Sorry

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  • It’s not a race, so give yourself time to learn —- baby steps!!  Oh and DRINK WATER!! 😊😊

  • Hang in there. You still get to eat many good foods. You just have to drop the grains and increase good fats. You still get to eat bacon, eggs, steak, fish, chicken , salad , avocados, mushrooms and veggies. You can do it. If you go to a restaurant, eat some healthier fatty foods before you go if necessary 

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  • I approached Keto as a time commitment.  I initially decided to try out for at least 28 days to decide if it was a good choice for me.    I was so pleased with my weight loss, my energy level and that I am not hungry that I am committed to continue.

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  • I have lost 30 lbs and no longer need Metformin. The trade off is well worth the discipline. I am convinced that carbs are not the way diabetics should fuel their body

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  • I'm with you on this. I've tried to get started on Keto for about a month and keep failing. My biggest thing is I can't throw out all the bad foods in my house because my son and husband aren't on keto, and neither is our housemate.  I have a weak moment and grab a big bowl of cereal and boom! Failure again.  I will take the really great advice and do 10 lbs mini-goals too, as I have about 60-70 lbs to lose. (wow...seeing that in writing hurts a little.)

  •  BeautifulScars What would work best for me in that setting would be to set weekly goals.  "I will stick to keto for the next 7 days.  If I am willing to give up the progress I've made, I'll eat whatever I want next Sunday."  All week when being tempted say, "I can wait till Sunday."  Then on Sunday morning have a serious discussion with yourself.  "I've invested a week in this, am I willing to give up a whole week of work for those chips or a bowl of cereal when I could have some cheese whisps or sugar free jello instead and keep going?"  If the answer is yes, you are willing to sacrifice that week of effort for momentary carb bliss, then this may not be the lifestyle for you.  If your answer is no, and you can recommit to another week of keto, then after three or four weeks you are going to find that bowl of cereal doesn't even tempt you.  I routinely cook non keto foods for others or eat in restaurants with non keto friends and the non keto food doesn't tempt me at all.  Stuff like bread, pasta, potatoes and fruit are just off the menu for me.  I think the trick for you isn't getting all non keto food out of the house, but keeping keto food in the house.  If possible, dedicate a cupboard just for yourself, that you can open and look inside and see only YES! foods.

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  • Moondrake Thank you so much for advice! 

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  • LighterAlready0814 

    Good advice! I have 50 to lose as well and want to lose it by October.  I have been on Keto for about 20 days some good some bad. I am using the Carb Manager app which has really helped.  I can't seem to get enough fat in per day but getting closer with the other macros. Any suggestions with the fat grams.

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  • perth 

    Today is day 3! We can do it! Hang in there! You have a head start! ;) 


    I have been struggling to meet my fat goals. I’ve taken to cooking everything in MCT oil, ghee, or butter. Also: no more lean bacon. Fatty cuts of meat, as suggested. 


    And for the first little bit in this new way of being/eating, I am being gentle with myself and concentrating on eating low carb and NO sugar. Those two things are hard for me, so I’ve been victorious thus far!


    I would like to eventually get in as many veggies as I can and cut back on cheese - but for now, baby steps and trying not to stress myself out!


    Good luck! We can do this!

  • Janice4945 Thank you for the encouragement! We can do it! ❤️

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