Keto Coffee

Had Keto coffee for the first time this morning.   Tasted a little odd to have butter in my coffee,  but it sure made me feel full.

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    I tried it this morning for the first time too!  I added a little vanilla and used a frother which made for a tasty drink.    Did you add 1 or 2 tablespoons of MCT oil?

  • No, just a little butter.  I usually take my coffee black, so just the butter was an adjustment. 

  • Heavy whipping cream is great, too.

  • You know that you don’t need to get in all of your fat macros, right? Keeping your calories at a deficit is just as important as keeping net carbs low, so be careful with the keto coffees and fat bombs or you could end up gaining weight instead. 

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  • My bulletproof Coffee taste delicious. I add to my coffee, heavy cream, ghee, coconut oil, cinnamon, pink Himalayan salt (very light), and luv sugar (natural sweetener with zero carbs). USE A BLENDER! Makes a world of a difference, blends everything without looking oily, and leaves it frothy 😋

  • Specialkayo wow, that’s a lot of fat in one coffee. Doesn’t really sound that appetizing. 

  • AJQ it’s the typical recipe for bulletproof/keto coffee, once it’s blended well, using the blender, you can’t even tell it contains oil. As long as you stay within your macros you’re all good. I prefer healthy fats than processed meats   or too much cheese. Plus my skin and hair are looking extra glowy ;) 

  • Once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself craving that morning Bulletproof Coffee. So good! Specialkayo is right though, you *really* need to blend it to make it smooth and frothy. I use a Nutribullet which works great for this and smoothies. The basic recipe only calls for butter and MCT oil but you can add other stuff to suit your taste. I add a few drops of liquid Stevia then a dash of cinnamon on top. Yum!

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  • Go to YouTube and search for "Thomas DeLauer coffee recipe." Watch the video with the four keto coffee recipes and enjoy!

    Turmeric in coffee? Yes! This is now my weekday breakfast. 

  • What if you dont drink coffee... im new to keto 

  • Jovanna You can try hot green tea with a teaspoon of MCT oil to start.

  • Jovanna There are recipes for Bulletproof tea as well. All that goes into the coffee you can put in tea.

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