I made a mistake

I lost 9lbs last week and did really well... and I really enjoyed it. I was out a lot this weekend and even did well at that. Today I went to Chipotle and thought I was good but put the vinegarette dressing on and it put me way over. I beat my self up all day for it and didn’t eat anything else. Now I just ate 2 candy bars. I just did all of my tracking for tomorrow to get back on track but I’m really disappointed in myself.

thanks for listening.

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  • Kac, don't beat yourself up. Step back and think about what lead you to make those decisions. The next time the craving kicks in, step back and observe the craving and why it is happening. Don't act on it, look at it with curiosity and try to figure out why it is happening. I hope this helps. I got that advice from a meditation app called 10% Happier. It has helped me tremendously. One of the courses on the app is called "Mindful Eating" and it has helped me tremendously! Stay Keto Strong!

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  • We all fall short. I pick myself up and keep moving forward. I’ve gone over many times in the last 8 months. Went on vacation in June and totally ditched Keto for a week. I can easily start over with the next meal 

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  • Seriously, no worries....it’s going to happen now and again, but like what was said above, take a look at what “triggered” you to eat a couple of candy bars (perhaps as simple as “going over bc of the vinaigrette”, which in the grand scheme of things really isn’t all that bad) in response...I know early on I found the carb cravings every bit as intense as my cigarette cravings after I quit that nasty habit, best advice I can offer is, acknowledge it, shake off the dust, and move onward...you’re going to be fine...

  • I wish I knew how many times I wish I would have tracked before I ate... don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track with your next meal/snack 

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