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Hello all - 

4th week for Keto and down 14 pounds.  Pretty happy with the progress, but I am having a hard time with energy levels and HIT type workouts. 

I am taking all the recommended supplements, and my fat is usually about 130-140g by the time I hit the gym.  I have been reading that Magnesium supplements help with energy levels too?  

If others agree, I am curious what type of Magnesium other use and how they use it.  I am currently on 35g a day for carbs, and 173g of fat.  

Thanks in advance for any help

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  • Magnesium is a good supplement to take because it’s one of the electrolytes that gets out of whack when in ketosis. It generally helps with muscle cramps and twitches, though. For fatigue and weakness, you need to add more sodium.

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  • Lulu  Thanks, Lulu.  I am not suffering from cramps or twitches during the day, or when working out.  It sounds like I might need to just add more sodium then.  Can I ask how much sodium you intake a day, and how you track/measure it.  Just to compare what I might need to do.  I am 6'2" and 300 lbs, if body size makes a difference.  Thanks again!!

  • Hi I used Magnesium Citrate (400 mg daily, Nature Made equates to 2 capsules), as well as VD3 and potassium.  I've read a few articles on and found to help keep electrolytes in check, also adding salt to food.  CONGRATS on the weight loss.  I just started last Sunday and lost almost 4 pounds..mostly water but I'll take it.

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