Weight loss stopped.

I have been doing keto for about one month. I am very strict. No cheats, no artificial sweeteners. I fast either 18/6 or 24 hrs.  I was wondering, when I fast I can't eat big meals. I think the most calories I take in on an 18 hr / 6 hr fast is around 900 calories. But on a 24 hr. Fast I may only get 300 to 600 calories. I've been at the same weight and measurements for over a week.  Any suggestions? Ps. I am in ketosis.

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  • Try stopping 24 hour fasts and focus on 16 fasting 8 eating. You have to hit you fat and proteins or your body can go into starvation or think it is. Also when fasting don’t drink anything with calories or it’s not a fast. Sorry I’m late reading this

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  • You're not eating enough calories so your body is holding on to the fat. If I were you I'd do 2 meals. You need to eat at least 1200 calories. Eat nutrient dense foods. 

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  • My understanding is that any more than 50 calories will knock you out of a fasting state.  I only do coffee, tea, and water on a fast and it always gets my weight loss going again.

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  • Josh great point. I think I have the same problem as Kim. I’m not hitting my target protein and fat. I assumed eating less would help me lose weight faster but I may be in starvation mode because i haven’t lost weight. Thank you. 

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