My biggest keto diet mistake:

I've been trying to maintain highest nutrition during my keto journey. I take a multivitamin. I use a wide variety of healthy fats. I eat 2C leafy green  salad every day. I even cram in 0.5-1C other veggies while eating only 15g carbs/day on a 5-20-75% fat ratio. I am doing a HIIT regimen.  To top it off, I've been trying to balance my diet with a small 1/8C serving of fruit (berries) every morning.

I thought I was doing everything right. Now I know what I was doing wrong.

"For those who do incorporate carbohydrates in the diet, I would recommend that these mostly consist of FIBER, which is indigestible and does not contribute to the elevation of glucose and insulin. If you do decide to eat digestible carbohydrates, I would DEFINITELY NEVER eat these early in the day, as this will contribute hugely to fat storage and sabotage fat burning a lot, as well as setting you up for a blood sugar and hunger roller coaster for the rest of the day." -Dr. Ted Naiman, M.D.

I am now thinking fruit was causing my weight loss stall. I'll cut it out and let you guys know. It's hard to get over all these food myths we've been told all our lives!!!

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  • Update: no weight loss from 12/2-12/10. Then I lost 0.4 lbs. on 12/11. Today I lost 0.8 lbs. All I did differently was eliminate carbs at my first meal.

    I also read that weight loss stalls can be caused by food "sensitivities": red meat, dairy, high-fiber veggies even! Do you experience gastrointestinal pain when consuming certain foods? You don't have to eat kale or steak if it hurts. Eat something else.  I conducted an elimination diet experiment for a week and discovered that I am slightly lactose intolerant! I eat red meat way too often, too!

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  • Hi Jen, thanks for posting your experience. I am new to keto and will keep this in mind. 

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  • Try to eat more veggies. You don't have to count up to 10 cups of dark green, leafy veggies. Spinach cooks down to such a small amount you can get a lot of it in. Dr Berg even says you don't need to count cruciferous veggies either. I'm also at 15g carbs. Are you losing or stalled? If stalled make sure you're eating enough calories since you do a lot of exercise. 

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  • Pamela Prince thank you for the info. I saw a video by Dr. Berg about eating 10C veggies/day for free. I tried that, but I gained weight lol.

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  • Update: I've lost 1.2 more pounds in the last 4 days 😀

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  • 👏👏👏 I only eat veg when I want to (I am never constipated) so near to goal now that I am rarely hungry enough for vegetables. I focus on fatty proteins and feel so well. For a special treat I would have a small handful of berries with good old British Double cream on top 😋😋😋

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  • Pamela Prince I'm thinking that my maintenance diet is going to have the same macros, but not count cruciferous and leafy greens.  I am seriously missing veggies, but I am experiencing to much success with counting everything to change up now.  But that's my long term plan 

  • Jen I added more veggies and gained as well. I’ll just stick to protein, fat and occasional salad.

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