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Hi everyone

i really hope u can help. Im very desperate and eager to start the keto diet as soon as possible. My problem is that when i researched the foods it seem that almost everything has carbs in it, and not that little if i want to do it the fast way and eat up to 20 grams carbs a day. It seems thatall the low calorie healthy food that i dont like and willing to tolerate for the purpose of losing  weight has enough carbs that if i eat some broccoli or carrots im done with my carb quota for the day. Its great that food like butter oil and cream are allowed on this diet, but what exactly am i supposed to put it on if most of the other food has enough carbs to barely be allowed?... im also not much of a cook and im always on the go for work so i need food that i can grab and put in my purse to last me for the day. please, id really appreciate any helpful advice thanks!

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  • liatleder ON Keto you have to be creative. It is a little more work but with some pre planning you will be okay. Your going to have to have access to a fridge or cook down a small cooler for sure. Or hit Burger King etc and have meat patties and a salad. Roast a fatty roast, pork chops, etc and bring cheese, etc  salad with fatty dressing, not purse friendly but like I said, you will need access to keeping your food cold.  

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  • liatleder I think you're limiting total carbs, but you only need to limit net carbs.  Carbs from fiber don't count because they have no impact on blood glucose or insulin.  Net carbs = total carbs minus fiber.  Keep net carbs under 20.  

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  • liatleder ... Should also add that on keto, your carb limit is 5% of your calories, so it may be higher than 20 g, depending on your total calorie goal.   But I find 20 net grams a day to be manageable.

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  • I have found staying under 20g carbs a day easy as falling off a bike.  Because for me, it seems carbs, or the sugar they create, is what drives my hunger.  Now that I eat almost no carbs most days I eat very little.  So almost every day of the week I eat only one meal - dinner usually with my family.  If you have not been able to eat few enough carbs to get into ketosis, don’t worry.  Many people never get into ketosis and lose plenty of weight.  Also if you really want to get into ketosis but have trouble eating low enough carb, just do the best you can until your hunger is reduced enough that you feel fasting could be an option for you.  Fasting is th fastest (no pun intended 😁) way to get into ketosis.  I can get into ketosis after about 30 hours fasting.  That’s not to say it is as easy for everybody.  But you may find once you e been eating low carb for a while, you can easily skip breakfast and push your BF later each day until you eat just lunch and dinner.  Then you may feel your hunger so diminished that you can push that lunch later also until you are either eating during a smaller feeding window or you may choos to do one meal a day.  Then eating so low carbs is super easy!  This is of course just some information for you to think on and decide if it’s something you would be interested or comfortable with.  Fasting is not for everyone but for those of us who have found it does fit our physiology, it is a life changing thing!

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