Hello All:

I'm new to Keto and start 1 week ago August 24th, and to date I have lost 7 lbs. I still have 120 lbs to lose and always get discouraged. I am still trying to understand how to work the program.  Any help or advise would be greatful. 

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  • I am a newbie also but I think taking time daily to learn something new  helps.   I think making a plan ahead of time to deal with discouragement might help?  

    Also - no exceptions to your food plan - not even a BLT (bite lick or taste) -  and if you make a mistake and realize it - then stop right there, throw away the poor choice, and move on.  Don’t let accidents become major hurdles.

    Best wishes!

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  • I learned a lot by watching YouTube videos to be honest. Keto Connect, Thomas DeLauer, Dr Eric Berg DC,  2 Fit Docs, and KenDBerryMD are all Keto 'fanatics'. I also watch ObesetoBeast for fun (he didn't do keto but went from 360 to 180).

    I also purchased a Keto-Mojo ketone blood tester which has been fantastic.

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  • Have you tried watching Butter Bob on YouTube?  Look at all his videos and I learned a lost about ketones.  He’s lost over 100 lbs.  in the end.  He is wonderful.  Take care and have fun learning.

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  • Koolbreeze I made his chili, triple the recipe and froze it. It’s so good. I might have tweaked it more burger. 

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  • Badmojomn That was great info on the chili recipe , thank you.  I’ll have to try it.

  • Koolbreeze I made Butter Bobs chili and loved it.  Make it weekly.

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