Ketones too high

I just bought test strips and I am wayyyy high. How do I adjust this? 


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  • I was too last night.  I went from Small to the highest option on the Nurse Hatty strips.  On their site, they mention this can be due to being dehydrated, or not eating enough carbs.  I had drank over a gallon of water that day, and had been constantly drinking water, so I adjusted my carbs for the day. 

    Tested this morning and I was back to Small on the strips.  I am still learning all this, so someone else might be able to say if this is a BS correlation?  But following the advice in the site to raise my carbs 5g-10g seemed to get me back to the recommended levels on the strips.  Maybe someone else can add something to this?  Either way, good luck!!

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  • What color should they be for optimal results?   Mine vary from pink to purple.  

  • I honestly am not an expert but their site says staying pink is optimal, so Small to Moderate.  Anything higher is not necessarily "better."  I am working off of that premise.

      I'd love to hear from someone else who might have a little more experience with using them?  Second week here on Keto myself, so trying to take it all in. :) 

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  • Milamber48 Small to moderate is good. However urine test strips aren’t an accurate way to test. They’re good initially to show you’re achieving ketosis. Once your body gets efficient in ketone usage & fat adapted you can read small or even negative. Keep that in mind. Urine test strips only detect waste ketones. If the body uses them up efficiently, it means there can be  little to no waste. If you want accurate monitoring, breath & blood testing are the way to go. Neither are necessary unless you really want to monitor. I’m simple & prefer to let the tape & scale gauge things. 😁

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  • Hi ShortGuy  -

    Thanks for the details on that distinction.  Still learning here, so it's appreciated. 

    I have started tracking  weight, along with multiple body measurements.  Hopefully I am able to see gains in various ways, other than just tracking the weight. 

    Out of curiosity, do you recommend a blood or breath tool that you have had experience with? Looking to improve measuring, so will prolly pick one up just to have another way to track progress.  

    Thanks again

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  • 🤔 didn’t know you can’t go to high? I go up and down on that color strip. As long it shows pink or purple I’m ok with it.

    But I know when one is dehydrated... it can show dark purple too. But the goal is to know to be in ketosis. 

    Learned something new today 😊

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  • I hope someone can help me my blood sugar went down to 62 today so I ate a very small apple with peanut butter was that the right thing to do or not?

  • Check out Dr Boz via YouTube concerning keytones.  How long have you been doing keto?  

  • Xtina3080 

    how did you feel?  If you felt nervous or getting the shakes, then eat something with low carbs. Then check it again in 30 minutes.  

  • Tallynoles98 

  • Tallynoles98 

  • ShortGuy 

    Excellent advice...I currently test via blood to get my Dr Boz ratio.  Levels lower than 80 lets me know I am losing weight.  (Glucose level/keytone level)

  • I am new to Keto. It’s been a real challenge for to meet my macros daily

  • Lpb 

    The best way is to put the possible food choices for the next day and play with the portions. 

  • Too much fat?

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