Still struggling with eating-disorder, even on very low carb? Am I alone?

Alright, so I've been "keto" for almost 10 months now and I still have these strange cravings, especially in the evenings. Mostly for things like nuts (which I quit a month ago) or something crunchy.  

I always find myself binging on a bag of pork rings almost every other night. I've tried to eat more meat, but I'm never satisfied and I'm constantly looking around for something else and I can't figure out what it is! Drives me crazy.

Sometimes I will eat some bacon and fatty pork for lunch, but then I will have more cravings (like almond butter on a spoon).

I was the guy that always loved that big bowl of cereal or a big bowl of popcorn in the evenings. But that always led to terrible pain mentally and physically. Thank goodness I am done with that.

Technically, I am not really hungry which is the interesting thing (I'm full after a meal). But maybe stress and other things are causing me to want to crunch on something.

I can't seem to get out of this loop. But going back to carbs is too dangerous and out of the question.

Any insight?

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  • Hi Mark.  It sounds like you may not be eating enough. Print Dr Eric Westman's approved KETO list and hang it on the fridge. Eat from the "all you can eat"  list until you satisfy your cravings.  Do not worry about macros right now.  Let's get those nutrients in. 馃憤

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  • Maybe you鈥檙e bored? I鈥檝e started drinking warm tea at night or warm water with lemon and a pinch of salt. Gives me something to focus on or just something to do. IDK?

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  • Mark,

    I can identify with your problem. It's food addiction, or more accurately, eating addiction. I too can eat until I'm sick and have extremely strong cravings, especially for carbs. Since being on keto it has decreased a lot, but just last night I ate a huge handful of nuts after dinner. I kept thinking, I'm full, what am I doing? I don't know if the crazy cravings will ever go away, but the longer you stick with eating enough (not too much) the easier it gets, especially once you start seeing results. Perhaps the best course of action would be to see a therapist who treats food addiction. I can imagine how you might feel reading this and thinking that seeing a therapist for this is outrageous but it's not. When I had bariatric surgery 3 years ago, I thought the idea of food addiction was preposterous.  The experiences I had after gastric sleeve have taught me SO much. I'll be happy to share more if you're interested.

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  • kimjones246 Ann Crow a lot of us suffer with food related addictions, (SUGAR!) we鈥檇 love 馃挆 to hear more, I for one, am always very interested in learning.  In addition I have given up drinking (14 months) as it continually lead me to bad eating choices. Hugs 馃 for your candid reply.

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  • I often feel the same way. There are days I feel I could eat constantly,  never full.  I'm doing better doing Keto.  Don't give up, or will get easier 

  • Joanna where can I find this list.. please 

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  • Debbie if you Google Dr Eric Westman鈥檚 food list you will find it. Also on YouTube videos, links, podcasts etc.

    i am always researching, enjoyed this very honest, basic video this morning, talks from her experience of losing half her body weight, so encouraging!

    the link may take a day to activate.

  • Your focus on something "crunchy" sounds like me. It's usually a sign that I'm anxious or have some extra energy to get rid of. Maybe try taking a walk after dinner? Or some new hobby that occupies your hands?

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  • Debbie  I'm looking for this "list" too!

  • I make allowance for almonds every day. It鈥檚 a priority.

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  • So I'm a little late in following up here. All great replies to my original post, thanks so much.

    The goal for me is more fat loss (yes calories matter). I've come to the conclusion that before you go on a "diet" the best thing to do is... get rid the addiction first!. Because that addiction will always be pulling you back to the dungeon.

    So before I start depriving myself (which I think I was doing) I believe there should not be any deprivation what so ever. A little bit of hunger is fine but If I am craving crunchy things... then that can lead to a binge.

    Thankfully, almost all the binge foods I was eating made me feel uncomfortable and sometimes a stomach sickness followed by lack of rest and poor sleep. So, I have a lot of pain to associate with eating those foods. This makes it easier for me to say No.

    So my solution...

    Instead of trying another attempt at calorie restriction before my bad cravings have disappeared, I'm now eating only ketogenic foods that are not addictive until I am satiated. So I will eat one meal a day (intermittent fasting style) and eat enough so I am full (no calorie restriction). The rest of the day is all about mindset and lowering my stress, thinking more positive.

    The results?

    This last few nights I have slept so much better. I don't go to bed with a huge full stomach. I have no more pain. And the cravings are going away. For me, dark chocolate is actually harder to control than the pork rinds and nuts!

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  • Fantastic a person who listens to their own body and sets their mind accordingly 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃尫馃尭馃尫

  • Hi, I can relate.  Before keto- often my dinner was a big bowl of popcorn with butter.  The immediate weight loss kept me from falling back into that habit.  I make sure I have enough fat - specifically butter, cheese, sour cream, avocado etc with my meals to feel physically as well as "emotionally" satisfied.  If that doesn't work, chromium is supposed to help curb cravings.  If you go to site Keto Ruled Me - it will tell you what foods to eat when you're having specific types of cravings.

  • Joanna Loriglu here how to find the list.  Thank you Joanna

  • Loriglu where you able to find the list  ?

  • Hi.  I am new to this forum and have been a food addict all my life.  In my experience I found that  keto diet doesn't really fix the real issue behind food addiction.  When I cut out carbs and my body started running on fat, fat was almost as addictive as sugar.  This is because I was using food to alter my emotional state, it is like any other addiction really.  I didn't notice a difference in managing my food addiction until I got into a proper recovery program.  12 step programs (OA I is the one specific to food addiction) helped but also getting into therapy to deal with family of origin issues such as codependency was probably the key.  I grew up in a family with 3 food addicts and we used food for pleasure not survival, and we needed a lot of that.   So I didn't even realize that I had a food addiction.  There are also a lot of lifestyle changes that I had to make to, to support my recovery.  It is a long process I got to the right place.  I will never be free of the desire to overeat, but I learned to manage it.

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  • Cheryl Yes Cheryl, the exact same here. Only now my stomach hurts more when overeating on fatty things. Sugar is addictive and I thought the cravings would go away, but like you said it's all physiological and we must be doing it to fill other mental needs. I'm sure as heck BETTER than I was years ago when eating pizzas and burgers (which I don't crave anymore) and the weight is easier to maintain (Lost 80lbs and now stuck). For me it's not so much OVER-eating  it's more about my body wanting to get enough calories for the day (adequate calories) but see that doesn't support weight loss and that's my problem. Being in a deficit creates the inability to deal with life and stress at times, and eating 5 more slices of bacon can put out the fire. But the scale doesn't change. 

  • Mark Are you still trying to lose weight?  From your picture you don't look overweight.  

  • I have often found myself reflecting on whether I have a disordered way of eating or bad lifestyle or metabolic issues.  Or am I just a foodie (which seems benign to say)?  It's hard to unravel. 

    Anyway, I found a recipe for Keto Granola.  Like you I have a crunchy, specifically potato chip addiction and going to try this.  It's a mix of seeds, collagen ??, and other ingredients.

    I am also going to try kombucha to break my soda addiction as well and start brewing my own once I get a vat/scoby going.  I don't have $4.00/bottle to spend.

    Here you go. . this is a different recipe and it actually looks better:


    Doesn't a bowl of this in the morning sound great?  (I assume almond milk is fine on keto)


    Finally, after being mostly a failure at a healthy lifestyle (I exercise regularly though), I have come to this conclusion lately.   Almost like martial arts, I feel that any lifestyle you do should have a Philosophy, Art, and Science and a touch of "you", your signature, like Bruce Lee and Chinese boxing..  I am sure we all know the Science behind keto.   I havfe concluded I was lacking in the art (cooking) for many years and without the art, the practice falls.  There's gotta be a way to get crunch into a keto diet.  I"d rather stay away from diagnostic terms like "eating disorder" or "victim" terms and get into philosophical terms.   Just some nutritional food for thought and Good luck.

  • I have no eating disorder bu I'm struggling with cravings during diet as well. You're not alone, there are people who experience the same issues too.

  • Joanna is this list on youtube?

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  • Hi everybody! I've been in Keto for 4 months. Is a hard and long journey, but I have learn to satisfy my hungry. I've been in intermittent fasting for the last two week, I have to said, for me is helping with my cravings. Before, my cravings lead me to eat a full pork rinds package.

    I just loose 17 pounds, but a lot of inches in my belly.

  • Mark  it's funny that reading your post I felt like it was written by me :D

    I am on Keto since January and although not deviating from the diet I found myself munching on nuts and pork rinds... I realized that my brain has the habit of being preoccupied with food a lot and that triggers the need for munching.  I decided to start intermittent fasting and pay attention to hunger or rather whether I am hungry. I eat breakfast and lunch and skip dinner (I cook for my family and watch a lot of cooking shows). When I feel that I want to eat, I ask myself if I'm hungry or not... interesting enough more often it's not the hunger but a habit and routine triggers the need. 

    I think we can reprogram our brain if we pay attention.

    Good luck.

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