MCT OIL - Expiration date

Hi all, I was getting a tummy ache using the oil then I read somewhere IT can go bad, so I checked my bottles that I had for a couple years and sure enough 2017 and ditched them and bought a fresh bottle and I feel great...

Also, MCT oil should not be put in plastic it can cause the plastic to leach into your oil.  I have a ceramic bottle from Rachael Ray.

So hopefully if anyone experiences tummy issues check your expiration date.

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  • I recently bought a bottle of MCT oil that came in a plastic bottle.  It's leaking everywhere, even though the lid is secure.  I even put a plastic bag around the bottle to protect whatever was around it, it leaked through that too.    I thought it was just me.  Why wouldn't they put it in a glass bottle to begin with? 

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  • kissybiz The one I use used to come in a glass bottle but with the new look came plastic. I guess it is cheaper to use plastic but unless you re-use it, the glass is more environmental-friendly etc.

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