Dizziness on and off for 2 weeks!

Hello, everybody! I am doing vegan keto, I am in week 6. I have only lost about 4 pounds so far (which is ok, I don't want a fast weight loss), but since I started keto, I was ok for about 2 weeks, feeling great, no more IBS, energy levels over the roof etc. In the last 2 weeks though, I have been feeling weird...very very dizzy, my monthly period 2 weeks late already.. I had to miss work twice because I was not able to stand on my feet. I read a lot about the keto flu, but I thought the keto flu only lasts for a couple of days. I love keto so much and I really want it to work, but I can't carry on feeling like this. I have to mention that I am tracking my macros, I am taking my supplements etc. Help!

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  • I have had exactly the same thing happen. Im not vegan but everything else u describe is the same for me. I upped my sodium which seemed to help some but its still not gone. Now Im dealing with low back aching, tired and COLD. i can only think its the keto flu, albeit delayed

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  • Jennifer Flowers  when did you start your keto diet? 

    I thought it might be the keto flu as well, but I am in week 6. I do celtic salt in the water, vegetable bullion 1 - 2 / day, Magnesium and potassium every night, but my period is late, I am not pregnant and I am almost always dizzy...

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  • Jennifer Flowers I forgot to mention that,  supposedly, the keto flu should only last for a couple of days, I've been in this state for about 2 weeks...

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  • Cora i am in week 3 of being keto, and approaching 2 weeks of dizzyness. I take potassium and magnesium supplements daily, and 2tsp of pink himalayan salt a day plus 1c of bullion. The salt has def helped bring the dizziness down. Just not gone.

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  • Jennifer Flowers oh and drinking about 150-180 oz water a day

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  • Jennifer Flowers same....

    Too bad, I really want this to work and I am hanging on in here, a lot of people say that it's worth once you get "on the other side" - out of this phase. Missing my period worries me,  I will give it one or two month to work and then I will have to readjust if things do not improve. 

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  • Cora id suggest bumping up your sodium...just to see if that helps

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  • Jennifer Flowers I tried doing that as well, but it makes me feel bloated and somewhat uncomfortable. I  am already adding celtic salt to my water, coconut aminos in my food, 2tsp of vegetable bouillon/ day...

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