Apple Cider Vinegar Issues.

I decided to try acv to my diet after reading good things about it. Since I Hate the taste I didn't want to prolong it so went for a straight Tb followed but a large glass of water. Immediately got the sweats and dizzy and sick to my stomach. Ok, not one to take no for an answer the next day I put a tsp in 20 oz of effect but still couldn't tolerate the taste so today I put 1 Tb in about 4 oz of water and gulped followed by some herbal tea. Took a few minutes but still got that sick feeling and shaky. Had to lay down for about an hour. Anyone else have trouble tolerating it? How do you take it? 

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  • jpaulowf586 jpaulowf586 👍good for you the acv  works for belly fat. Check out Dr Eric Berg  on YouTube and Facebook  he explains so much about ketosis and has a weekly live streaming on Thursday each week and answers  questions. Great education on keto☺ Check it out. Also try Stevia in your acv drink tastes better. I drink it two Times a day. 

  • Mairlyn pedersen yup love Dr. Berg. He is the reason I decided to try acv in the first place.

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  • I started using adv back in 1973 for acid reflux and it worked 😀 so for years it has helped me, but never thought about how it helps for weight loss. As we age we lose acid in the stomach which we need for digestion. Wow with all the fat I have been eating I needed the acv to help the tummy. Love Dr Berg 😁

  • Badmojomn  hello l see you messaged me. Dr. Berg recommends one to two tablespoons twice a day. You can use less but I find it helps my digestion, and like I said in my post I have used it throughout the years.  I use Bragg  apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. Check Dr berg  YouTube channel  on Apple cider. ☺

  • Have you tried making ketoaide? For me, it tastes a bit like sparkling apple juice. It does have the scent of the vinegar, but it tastes really good IMO

    Juice from 1/2 Lime/Lemon
    • 2 Tablespoons of REAL Apple Cider Vinegar  (barges brand with the mother)
                • ½ Tsp of Nu-Salt (also called No-Salt/Lite-Salt)  

    • ½ Tsp of unprocessed Sea Salt (pink, gray, black)  

    • 5-10 drops of organic Stevia extract  
    • Fill the rest of the way with Sparkling Water 

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  • For anyone interested after ending in the ER with allergic reaction to kefir I found I have a histamine intolerance. That's why I had the reaction to Apple cider vinegar. No tormented foods for me for a while...

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  • Sorry to hear that--I was just wondering if you had tried it again.

  • goplay thanks. Not the end of the road. I can start slow with small bites of yogurt and maybe along with keto I can get over this 

  • Tread carefully!  I hope it works for you.

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