Sick of eggs!

Hi! I need breakfast ideas. I hate eggs. I can only eat a them if you smother them in so much stuff that I can’t taste them. Since trying out keto, I’ve had omelets and scrambled eggs with cheese almost every day. If I see another egg, I’ll scream! Lol I need a few ideas. I don’t eat pork or read meat, so bacon is out. I’ve made myself start eating turkey bacon again, even though I don’t like that either. Too salty. I’ve made salmon or tuna cakes with no breadcrumbs. That’s ok, but I’m dying for variety. What do you guys do?

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  • For my tuna cakes, I use flaxseed and eggs, a little salt and pepper and that is it. The flaxseed make a nice replacement for the bread crumbs. Do the same for meatloaf.

  • I can eat eggs but not every day... I"m burned out.  Instead I've eaten Keto pizza, Keto tacos, Jerky & Cheese... anything except eggs.  Please keep sharing your breakfast variety of foods.

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  • Katie  can you please share that recipe???  Sounds like a great thing to add to my egg-free breakfasts.

  • I agree with an earlier post...I sometimes eat left over keto dinner or lunch meals for breakfast. I normally cook using a keto cookbook to have a variety of foods to eat. Also to help with macros counting. I have 30 lbs to go.... so keeping a log and proper measuring of food intake helps.  Hope this helps! Best wishes! 

  • I mix it up as I make different choices as then I don’t feel trapped and fall off ... 

    1/ keto  nut/ seed Museli with Greekunsweetened yoghurt or coconut yoghurt. 

    2/ almond berry shake ( Almond butter, scoop of yoghurt , type of berry, scoop of physium  husk  & ice  blitz drink . 

    3/Bullet coffee & Edam cheese on home made seed cracker . 

    4 / 3 egg scramble with 🌶, coriander, 

    5/ Taco cheese , chicken , chilli, coriander, roasted capsicum .  

     6/ curried eggs / devilled eggs . 

    7/ seed cracker with Almond butter & Edam cheese and celery stick . 

    8/ seed  cracker with Avocardo or sliced tomato with cheese . 

    9/ Bacon ,eggs & mushroom 

    10 Frittata  (whatever’s rattling in the fridge after Sunday dinner ) 

    11/  omelette  

    12/ breakfast salad mesclun leaves bacon , fried egg , sausage 

    13/  fruit (berries ) yoghurt Greek or coconut with chopped Almonds . 

    14 / left ova dinner 

     many options ,,,

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  • Mrsderidder  have just discovered chia pudding so good (but I think you have to love that tapioca pudding texture to love it). 

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  • When I lived in Brazil, we had enormous avocados nearly the size of bowling balls.  Almost daily we would make a ‘vitamina de abacate’ for breakfast. Scoop 1 Hass  avocado into a blender. Add 2 cups of unsweetened Almond milk and 1 cup of ice. Add the equivalent of 1/4 cup sugar using whichever sweetener you prefer. Blend it until it’s smooth. Enjoy! Don’t worry, everyone thinks ‘sweet avocado’??? Trust me. It’s delicious.

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  • I have Two Good Greek yogurt vanilla with 2 ounces of raspberries and one jello sugar free snack cut up and mixed in. Also add 1 ounce of raw almonds. You can either eat them chopped or mixed in.  It’s very good and refreshing. 

  • pistonbrokeranch  Could you give us your recipe?  I put Organic Chia seeds on my salad at night.  I love Chia seeds.  Tons of anti-oxidants.  😊

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  • KetoDream 

    The recipe is in the recipe section of  this app. Low carb overnight Almond Chai Pudding . 

    How ever I ulter mine  

    do Almond & Coconut unsweetened milk

    i don’t  add the sugar or the cocoa nibs 

    and put the milk in a pan to boil throw in chai add tsp of vanilla paste , pinch of cinnamon. 

    Pour into glasses cool and top with frozen blueberries ( they’re sweeter ) and dollop of cream yum 😋 

  • MyBizCoach 

    sounds delicious 😋 have you tried  the avocardo chocolate mousse it very rich but so good .

  • Hi, I found a couple of alternative breakfasts that I like.  1) 2 slices of Julian's Keto Thin Bread with 1 TBS mayo, 2 slices of tomato and half an avocado.  2) Julian's Pro Granola cereal with almond milk and berries.

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  • I'm the same! I need a sweet Breaky, I feel sick after a cooked breakfast.

  • sarracini1942 that's more than half my net carb intake

  • This recipe was recommended to me:

    It's free and it has 150 recipes. I already got it shipped. 22 breakfast recipes so some should be without eggs :)

  • I too can only take so many eggs, so for breakfast, I’ve recently been making smoked salmon, Philly cream cheese and cucumber stacks with a sprig of fresh dill or a caper on top and spritz of lemon juice. It’s filling, delicious, and takes care of those vital micro-nutrients I need to fill each day.  To economize, I look out for the cheaper smoked salmon tips, often to be found in the deli section.  Good luck! 

  • I know this sounds weird, but have you tried soft boiled or sunny-side up eggs with avocado and a couple of almonds?   The egg and avocado really taste good together, and if you're like me, who used to love crunchy bread, then one or two almonds with a meal help out (and they go well with most anything too).

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