GKI graph

I love that CM automatically calculates GKI when you track blood glucose and ketones...

A GKI graph would be fabulous! Seems like it would be an easy add on.


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  • Seconded. :)

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  • The CM app has the GKI graph built in.  After logging your blood data into “My Measurements “, scroll over to “Body” (still in My Measurements). The default body measurement is BMI.  This is actually a drop down menu.  Scroll down from BMI and the very last item is GKI graph.   Hope this helps!

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  • Mine quit working the other day....

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  • Just started and for the last two months I have had the GKI automatically calculated and posted in my daily log next to the glucose and ketone values.  I have really appreciated it since I can go back to my previous meal plans to find what affects my level of ketosis so I can make adjustments in the future.  Unfortunately, it stopped posting two days ago and I have been unable to find a solution to correct it.  Any ideas?

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  • Don B Can't seem to find it now.  I'm thinking they have done away with the GKI calculation as it doesn't appear to show up anywhere.

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  • I have the premium edition (I don’t know if premium membership is required).  I just checked and GKI appeared on my app.  Make sure you’re not scrolling too far, it is the very last item and it is easy to scroll past.  I’ll try to attach a screenshot of my graph to show it exists.  

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  • I am able to locate my GKI graph, but is there any way possible to print this report without having to take screenshots?  Or is there a way to have it printed on your menu calendar?  I have been printing my menu calendar out at the end of each week, but then I have to go pencil in my GKI  for each day.  I like to be able to compare my GKI's to the foods I have eaten. - Heather 

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