struggling with carb intake

 really struggling with the carb intake i just don’t know what carbs to eat  any help on this  thanks andy 

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  • Carbs from veggies are best.. try to avoid carbs from sauces and other condiments. I just started soo I’m no expert at all but I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and they help

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  • Try to keep your net carbs below 5% of your daily intake or less than 20 grams per day.  Try to stay with vegetables such as asparagus, kale, etc. as they are low in carbs.  If you want to eat fruits, stay with organic raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries, as they are the fruits with the lowest carbs.  Also, to keep carbs down, I only allow myself 50 grams of fruit per day.  Also, buy yourself a scale if you don't already have one.  I own the following scale:

  • I’m only in week 3 but I find planning your meals for a week really helps. You’ll get use to what you can and can’t eat. I have the premium edition so you can pretty much do everything on here. I copy a recipe to my foods and edit if required (I’m a veggie). It does get easier, good luck 😀

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  • Agree on the planning meals. Or at least make sure you have a few staples. For carbs, I get from nuts (macadamia, pecan and walnuts)  but go easy. sweet potato with a generous dose of butter / sour cream. Zucchini, asaparagus. Butter and salt make everting taste better. There are also heaps of good keto bread recipes on CM. some are really easy.  

    All the best. 



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  • thanks for the help guys iam from the uk and the information from uk websites  isn’t the best that’s why i’ve came on here for help  i’ve been doing  keto for a month  the weight is coming off nicely lost over a stone   haven’t weighed in this week    another question can you have all your fats in one meal  thanks andy 👍

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    I would recommend getting your carbs from veggies. 

    Also nuts as well but be careful; it's easy to go overboard. 

  • Andy you would do best by eating your macros at every meal, but if you can't it's better to meet your macros by the end of the day.

  • I tried alone to put myself on a diet, impossible, I decided to try with the ketogenic diet that doctors have commented that weight loss is superior .. see next links

  • Jen Jen  thanks jen think i’ve got the hang of it now   weighted in yesterday and lost 30 lb this i started on the 28th of december i only have two meals per day.  that because i don’t feel hungry anymore more till dinner time thanks for the help 👍

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