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So I just started my 3rd week on Keto and I am starving! I’m 5’4, when I started I was 145lbs and now I’m weighing in at 138, so I’ve lost 7lbs. My goal weight is 125. According to Carb Manager app, my target daily calorie count is 1079 calories a day. Here’s the thing- I’m having no problem at all restricting my carbs, but I am having a huge problem staying under 1079 calories a day because I am always hungry. I’m counting down the hours and minutes I can eat a cube of cheese lol and it’s making me miserable. All my macros are on point. All the advice I’ve heard so far says “eat more fat if you’re hungry” but I can’t eat more fat because I’ll go way over my calorie budget. I’m afraid that if I go over my calorie budget I won’t lose weight. Any ideas on how to make this easier? Also- I drink about 60oz of water a day. My Carb Manager app is set to a goal of 1 lb a week

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  • try drinking more water, i drink a lot of propel so it also helps with electrolytes! 60 oz probably isn’t enough. what about having hwc with coffee to help with the fat goal?

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  • sweetcaroline I usually have a tablespoon of hwc in my coffee in the morning. I have no problem reaching my fat goal. It’s just the overall calories that I have a hard time staying under. All my macros are in proportion- 5% Carb 25% Protein 70% Fat. It’s just staying under 1078 calories that I’m struggling with. I felt like 60oz water was a lot but maybe I’ll try getting more ounces of water in a day. 

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  • try eating more protein and cutting back on something else so you want go over your calories

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  • My girlfriend is in the same boat. with the calories. Let me say this. You are not eating enough calories. I once, a few years ago was super strict on a diet and started eating less and less. Until I was eating under 1000 cals a day. You will not lose wait that way.  Change the app to maintain weight. Or even gain a .5 a week. If you stick to the keto lifestyle you will still lose weight. And be full. Counting calories is important but they are different with Keto. Then once you stop losing weight slowly drop the calories. This is a major lifestyle change and requires a lot of commitment. If you are always hungry you will never stick to this and gain all the weight back......and maybe more. Do not worry about the calories so much. Be full. And happy. That is how long term weight lose works. 

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  • You're 13 pounds away from your goal weight. Maybe try setting your weight loss goal to .5 pound a week. It will give you more calories. My understanding is the closer to goal the less people can expect to lose at one time.  

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