Started Keto on Jan 8th and so far no changes....

Started Keto on Jan 8th - 5 full days so far and these are my macros (have been a low carb and high protein eater for few months)

Net Carbs - 5% - Less then 24 gms every day

Protein - 25% - Hard to reach 20% each day

Fats - Eating more than 70% sometimes 85%.


I am T2 diabetic and the numbers have improved and are now under 110 - 80 range which was a huge improvement from 130-110 range. 


I am 10 lbs overweight after losing 10 lbs in the past 4 months on diet and exercise. Lost more than 70 since 2010.


Wondering when I will see the weight loss and if I am in ketosis? Hate to spend money to buy the expensive Keto Blood meter to see how far I am.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    from what I have been reading (and mind you I am new to this too) but you don't want to be going over your fat... and meeting your protein is also important.

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  • Keelo 

    Ohh that i didnt know.. I will keep the fats in check and have increased protein to avoid muscle loss.. just shy of 22% of calories via protein today.

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  • 6th day and no change. Increased protein intake to get to 20%.

    I wish some one could point out what I am going wrong?

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  • 13 days on Keto and nada nothing... Will give it a day and then switch it up to consume 100 carbs a day to confuse the body.

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  • Krish Don't know if this is useful to you as we're all different, but I have lost 2kgs since Jan. 10th on:

    16 g. of carbs (or less)/day

    103 g. of fat, most days I've had less, but I try to reach this goal.

    82. g. of protein

    1315 cals.

    I'm a T2 too, and 58 years.

    My weight stalled for about 3 months till I started logging, and it's good to see that 'things' are moving along again. I hope the same for you, but let's know how you're doing. My BGs have certainly improved too, and they're the most important.

    Also 'they' say that for some it takes a while to get into fat burning mode, so be patient.

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  • I should add that I do IF too, intermittent fasting. I don't eat from about 9PM to 2PM the next day. I would suggest you try that. I go on cream in my tea, just 20g. pr. mug. 

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  • Briped 

    I am doing 16/8 IF and keeping the macros under limit. Bg's are under 100 anytime with this diet.

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  • Krish I'm sorry, but then all I can suggest is that you soldier on. I'm no expert by far, but it's my impression that this is not comparable to regular 'slimming diets',  and that suddenly you'll start seeing results. Did you measure yourself before you started? You may have lost an inch or two, even if it doesn't show on your scales? 

    I've been attempting to lose weight for months, and stalled for 3 months, so I do know the frustration. Then suddenly, after I started logging my foods on Jan 10th, it started working. This may be a coincidence, or it may be because I got a better grasp of how to do it right. It may even be because some unknown process happened to set off the weight loss ...?

    Probably not helpful, but I hope it's encouraging. Very well done for losing so much weight since 2010. Most of us tend to gain what we lost, and that includes yours sincerely. I lost 77lbs 12 years ago, and regained it all + a bit more.

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  • Briped I log my food every day for the past 269 days. I almost eat the same food with variations. I havent measured the body in inches, but my BG numbers are below 100 and I am happy with that.

    I will switch up a bit and will see how it goes from there

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  • Krish I hope you find a way to give the rest of the surplus fat a huge kick in the *******. Will you tell us if it helped? And do watch those BGs while you experiment.

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  • Briped I do IF as well! Currently a 16:8 but working towards an 18:6 schedule 

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