I’ve been doing this faithfully for a week, but I’m not showing any keytones using test strips.  How can I get myself into ketosis?

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  • hi Barbara,


    Hopefully this has changed since you posted and you're seeing ketosis now.  Much of the literature states that it can take upwards of 2 weeks to get into ketosis depending on how much glucose you have stored and other physiological factors.

  • No... still holding steady and tracking all I eat ... getting disillusioned 

  • Barbara try fasting and increased exercise during the fast. It will speed up the glucose burn and kick start ketosis.

  • Barbara

    If you post what you are eating in a typical day, I'm happy to help identify what may be slowing down entering ketosis.  I usually am able to get into it by day 5 at the latest, carbed up state.  I just keep my meals high fat and very clean.

  • Please bear in mind that the test strips are not reliable, and do not work once you become fat adapted. Early on when you switch over to the keto diet, your body is producing ketones but it doesn't know what to do with them. So you shed them in your bodily fluids. That's why your breath and sweat smell funny. Won't you become fat adapted, your body starts burning these ketones for fuel and you shed very little of them in your urine.

  • Moondrake 

  • Moondrake Newbie hear!  Burning ketones for fuel is okay, right?

  • coopcoocoopcoops Yes, that's the point of keto, to burn ketones instead of glucose.

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