I'm new and I do Not know all the keto lingo yet

Like what the heck is a chaffle? I've seen the word and some pictures but don't know what it actually is.

Also, what does keto/IF mean?

Are there any other keto words/ideas you think I should know?


As an introduction to me, I started out doing low carb for two weeks and now I've been doing keto for about a week. I'm 30 and I've got a fair amount of weight to lose but I plan on taking things slow and steady.

Thanks for any input you guys have, I look forward to hearing from you all.

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  • Hello! A chaffle is basically a cheese waffle. There are lots of different recipes, but usually include cheese, thus CHaffle.

    IF stands for intermittent fasting. There are different lengths of IF depending on what you want to achieve. 

    ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

    Fat Bomb = food item made mostly from fat (lots of recipes)

    MCT = Medium Chain Triglycerides 

    Bullet Proof Coffee = Black coffee, grass fed butter or ghee and MCT oil (again there are lots of varieties)

    There are many more, but that’s a start. If you come across others you don’t know just ask. 

    I wish you success! 

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  • Wow I would have never guessed it was cheese even though it's obvious when you know already. I will definitely have to try out a chaffle recipe at some point now!

  • IAmADelight  . If u like the taste of eggs u will like chaffels .. I add almond flour to mine because i don’t like the taste of scrambled eggs. Let us know if you like them !!! Good luck 

  • Ohhh never heard of Chaffle but I must try it. Good luck on your journey, I to am new to this so great question you asked, thanks. 

    Are mct and acv common things to use / take on keto?

  • Todd I know mct is supposed to be really helpful in boosting ketosis. It can go in coffee or I think you can cook with it. I'm not sure about acv uses/benefits other than its normal healthful vinegar properties.

  • IAmADelight  so I found out acv is great for cramps. I get muscle cramps bad in this diet and a tbsp of acv with 8 oz water has been helping a ton the past few days

  • I made chaffles this weekend to have a sandwich. Incredible, I will be a regular with these

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