Grams correct?

Hello all I am starting out using this app. Just want a sanity check here, it seems really hard to get this many grams of protein for this much calories.

It says to eat around 2.2K calories per day which seems fine but it is asking for 185G protein per day? That seems extremely high considering most sites recommend 0.8 grams per KG of body weight which should be around 68.8 KG for me.




Activity: Set to the middle when I started

Diet: Set to 33/33/33 even split

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  • i agree, but the high protein is to make sure that the body is burning fat for fuel and not muscle. if you dont get enough protein in your diet, then the body will eat your muscle. that is why it is so high.

  • Protein intake on a Ketogenic Diet need to be no higher than 25% of your daily calorie intake.

    That means if you are consuming 185 gram of protein you are not in ketosis or will be.

    Bucky recommendation of consuming high protein on a Ketogenic Diet assure failure.

    Research (Dr Volek and Phinney) demonstrated that on a Ketogenic Diet ketones are the preferred fuel source.  Ketones protect muscle being burned. 

    Volek and Phinney's resarch found when ketones are elevated form being on a Ketogenic Diet or when fasting, Leucine (the anabolic amino acid) responsible for maintaining or building muscle is eleveate in the blood.

    Thus, moderate protein intake (25% of daily calorie intake) is enough.  

    To reiterate, high protein intake assure failing to get into ketosis or remain in it.

    Kenny Croxdale

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