Question about intermittent fasting

If watched You Tube videos that say that using a small amount of Stevia (or any artificial sweetner) is against the mantra of Fasting.  Yet, in the videos that I have watched, you are allowed to drink bone broth, and you can put heavy cream in your coffee.  Is there anything specifically about Stevia that would make it prohibitted on a, say, 16 hour fast?

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  • While I do not know of any specific prohibition, I’ve decided against is for the very questions you raise: there seems to be a lot of conflicting info out there.  

    Just my opinion, but when faced with too many ‘right answers’, I chose to keep it clean and simple.  I go with coffee, water and green tea.  It’s only a fast, not a life-long marathon.

    hope this helps,

  • Pat F I've been doing IF for a few years now and have read a lot of material. I will never suggest that I know everything (still learning) but what I've concluded  personally is that an individual would benefit from following the protocol that works for them. If you put Stevia in your beverage while still seeing the results you seek, then do it. There are a lot of people out there that follow 'rules' intended on being guidelines. Some say dry fast, some say fasting isn't fasting unless it's 'x' amount of hours etc. Really, our bodies and final goals are all different so do what your particular body requires that will help you to reach whatever goals/results that you set for yourself. 

  • Zme I agree totally: “an individual would benefit from following the protocol that works for them”.  I do that by not using Stevia and have more than reached the goals I’ve set for myself.

    Good luck to you.

  • Pat F I meant to respond to the original post Tony Muljat but it seems it was @ you. Sorry about that. My response was pretty much in agreement with you. You don't use Stevia; I don't either more because I drink black coffee - but eat Stevia-sweetened home-baked treats like a trooper when I need a sugar fix! That works for me. :) 

    Take care! 😃 

  • I use water enhancers while on my fast.  I think the general consensus depends on the type of fast you are doing and what it allows for and the type of enhancer you are using.  If you are doing a strict fast that doesn't allow for any of the ingredients that are in the enhancer then don't use it.  I personally use a water enhancer because I can't drink just plain water.  And, like the comments, it works for me.  I've lost 25 lbs in my first three weeks I've been doing Keto.  I don't drink anything else.  I don't like coffee or tea so I'm kind of stuck with water...LOL  So, it has to be good.  :)  

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